Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Impressions and King Kong/Batman Begins Comparison

HD DVD 360 Drive Impressions

When Sony officially announced that the new Playstation 3 was going to include a Blu Ray player, Microsoft quickly countered this with fact that they were (no surprise) planning on supporting the rival, HD DVD with an optional add on drive that although would not play games, would allow users access to a cheap next gen video player. While there has not been a clear winner in the format war, and non is expected to emerge for quite some time, is the drive, priced at $199, worth your hard earned money?

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testerg354330d ago

That was a nice and short article. If you go to their main page, they also looked at the Blu-ray on the PS3.


So the Blu Ray looks better then the DVD, that is to be expected of course, but how do I feel about Blu Ray? Well, that is more difficult to answer as I they have yet to really release any Blu Ray only movie that really interests me. The exclusive titles are really poor, and fall flat when compared to those for HD DVD and the ones that are released for both I would rather have on HD DVD do to the special features. I think if anything, that hurts the format the most, and unless the get better titles out soon (as well as incorporate IME in every title) they are going to have a difficult time winning the war. That is not to say they are out. Blu Ray looks and sounds just as good as HD DVD (I can’t wait to do my HD DVD vs Blu Ray vs upconversion DVD player head to head to head…look for it soon) and the with the introduction of the PS3, the war has really just begun. "

videl4330d ago

god, who needs this crap addon? buy a ps3 and you have everything you need, with the best technic. this is totally ugly, this 2 green ugly boxes.

testerg354330d ago

That's the thing.. you don't have to get it for the 360.. its optional. As for the PS3....

Gears4330d ago

Do you come in every article running your fanboy mouth? Alot of people love the 360, just because you can't afford one don't ruin everyone elses time on this site.

Grown Folks Talk4329d ago

the 360 isn't green videl. the box for the core system is green, not the system itself. i love how you and bhai talk trash about it all the time, yet know absolutely nothing about it.

ScorpioKyle4329d ago

it's obvious Videl wasn't hugged enough as a child.....or maybe hugged a little too much.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4329d ago

The Xbox 360 add-on is not intrusive at all and the overall purpose it serves is amazing quality. Tell me this looks like "2 green ugly boxes"...

Morbius4204329d ago

That's a sweet setup xtrm

Grown Folks Talk4329d ago

videl will just come back and call you an xbot. then he'll tell you that's not even your house. it is a display setup at best buy, done by proffessional marketing people to make the add-on look like it fits in with your entertainment setup, and is not really green. it's obvious based on the wii box sitting on the floor. the best buy employee was on his way to stock it when he was interrupted by a customer who wanted him to tell them how much better blu-ray was compared to hd-dvd, and that king kong isn't a next-gen movie because sony didn't say it was. plus the ps3 is capable of curing aids and assists doctors in performing heart transplants while at the same time warming your car for you in the morning while you eat your toast specially buttered by the cell cpu in glorious 1080p "true" hd.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4329d ago

LOL, Then how does he explain this??...
(note the gamertag displayed on the TV)

Grown Folks Talk4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

haven't you noticed videl's mo? he'll tell you that microsoft payed money to create a fake gamertag just to fool everybody into thinking that somebody actually uses xbox live. you probably work for microsoft, and you called them as soon as you saw his post and had them set it up. everything is a xbot conspiracy to videl. nice tv by the way. do you play r6:v? i'll add you if you have room in your list.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Hahaha some people's kids these days huh?
r6:v?? You mean Ridge Racer 6? If so, no I don't have it. But I do have a few other games and a few more friends slots available. Feel free to add me to your friend list bro. I'm sure we'll meet up sometime and play the way online was meant to be played.... You know, with 'actual voice chat' (unlike PS3 online). OMG it's a conspiracy. Haha ;-)

Grown Folks Talk4329d ago

i see you haven't. i sent a friend request from bald sam fisher. vegas is nice. i tried to go back and play graw yesterday, but it's tough after getting used to the new cover system. graw 2 should be sweet though. i'll look for ya sometime.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4329d ago

Oooooh yeah. I've been meaning to pick that game up. Definitely going to get it soon. I'll see you on Xlive bud ;-)

Optimus Prime4329d ago

just got owned!

xtrm. fricken awsome set up. i like, i like.

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power of Green 4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Captain!!! CAAVVVEEEE!!!! MAANNN!!!!!.

ChickeyCantor4330d ago


open thy eyes and realize,
you are getting nailed
forced to buy an overpriced console
just for bluray!

Btw Videl ever watch arfenhouse the movie?

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