The gameplay behind the LittleBigPlanet hype

Pspsps.tv writes: "Based on what we've just seen, it's still a pretty basic platforming affair and unless there's a lot more depth to the final product I can't see that having the legs to become the console seller it is meant to be."

pwnsause5808d ago

??? i think you dont see what the point is for LBP

chrisnick5808d ago

he's pretty retarded.....he was probably expecting master chief in a tps

sandip7875808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

have i been watching a different game then? because i completely disagree with them...

buckethead_X5808d ago

I agree. What game have they been playing? How can you add any more depth? How is it not going to be a console seller? Maybe I'm misinformed, but I think this is ridiculous

Real gamer 4 life5808d ago

Yet in won game of the show from like three respectable gaming site, and every single preview i have read has been nothing but praises.

proArchy5808d ago

No depth? People have been playing Super Mario Bros. for 20+ years. i still play it. In fact, I intend to make Super Mario Bros. in LBP( along with dozens of other gamers I'm sure). Not to mention that MM has gone on record saying if there's anything they forgot that is highly requested they'll work to deliver it to us. Power-ups, guns, new materials, liquids, magnets, are just the short list of things I would like to see in the game in the future. Of course, I do realize they haven't shown us everything yet. And no, these suggestions are in no way in criticism of the game. I just hope they support it for years to come. I could potentially spend lots and lots of money on DLC for this game.

Bangladesh5808d ago

I imagine that there is some truth to the depth comment. There is only so much that could be done with a game that is essentially a level editor, without straying from the "creative freedom" aspect of the game. Bungie did it first with the Forge in Halo 3, and although cool initially, you are missing the structure of a storyline, player progression, and a cool ending. For lack of a better example, it's like having sex, but never reaching your climax.

Cenobia5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

There is actually a story mode in LBP. They are keeping it under wraps, but there will be some sort of story involved. I'm not saying it's going to be ground breaking, but still.

Plus there are thousands of ways to tell stories with the levels you create. They let you put text in, for one, so you could give back story to whats going on. You could imply things as well. You don't need to write it all out. They even had a trailer showing a knight sack boy rescuing a princess sack girl.

Also, Bungie didn't do it first. A lot of games have had built in level editors. TimeSplitters (2/3?) had one, although I'm sure games before it did. Halo may have been the first to upload custom multiplayer maps through a console though (I don't know).

poopsack5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

except you cant make your own items in forge, and your own gameplay mechanics, and you CAN make a story, bosses, link up levels together and an ending. So, no, no truth in his statement. and halo wasnt the first game with a level creator.

Millah5808d ago

Its funny, because the biggest editors in the industry all have praised the gameplay, and here this guy hasn't even played the game and he is criticizing something he hasn't played. I'll listen to people who have actually played the game, and are reputable, before I even click on this morons articles.

I don't know though, just the videos look like the game is amazingly fun. This guy must not like the simple and addictive games, because this game is just that simple addictive fun game we don't see very often in the industry anymore.

Real Gambler5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

He is a poor soul who just want to get hits on his web site to get money from publicity. He will never agree with anything because of that. He will never go with the trend. I'm not even sure he ever came out of his basement.

Some days, it's very hard to find an article on his web page since you have to dig through thousands of advertisement to find it. People say white and he will say black. All he does is read other websites from time to time, and put emphasis on something bad on a game, just to get more hits on his web page. This is bad because it's working. And sure enough, his opinions will always show up on OPINIONS 4 GAMERS... (Ooops, I forgot this was NEWS 4 GAMERS)

motts5807d ago

first off, i refuse to believe that you have sex Bangladesh, so in your case you not reachin a climax is your own laziness...
and that will be the same with lbp. If someone does not enjoy this game it is because they are lazy. Don't like the levels? Make one you do like. Inspire people to make some in that style. Plus no story? 1. there is going to be one supposedly its just been kept under wraps and 2. has mario every had a story? not really, and this game's game play is far superior than mario game play.

Also-am i the only one that actually is more excited to play than create? After watching that video of the 4 player level with the skateboard and soccer ball etc, i was dying to play. Its amazingly simple to play but creatively complex. When i saw the part where one person must jump off the soccer ball at the same time another jumps off the orange i was giddy haha.

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jmare5808d ago

Little Big Planet probably won't take off as big as Sony is hoping, but then again, if the controls to create are as easy as everyone has been saying, it could be huge. Look at youtube, when it started, most people thought it wouldn't work and now...

read disc error5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

What the author of the preview is saying is that there is no point to user-created content if the basic gameplay ammounts to an average platformer. I see no reason to call the author an idiot. This guy actually played it at E3. Did you?

clintos595808d ago

The thing is, is this author is the only one complaining out of the other few hundred authors who were also at e3 and almost all of them are saying LBP is set to change the way we play games for the future. If LBP can break the barrier for console games and devs also start adding user creativity into games like call of duty 4 or GTA4 can u imagine how huge of a step that would be for all console games. That would make the options for us gamers for every system an amazing feature.

Imagine that for xbox 360 owners in a future halo game or future gears game where we can create our own levels or weapons or enemies to add to the expirience, and same for ps3 owners with future resistance or motorstorm or twisted metal games. Also nintendo with mario or zelda, can u imagine how awesome that would be to have user creativity in these games. Yes it is just a dream but LBP is trying to break new grounds for console gaming and show that u can do this in a console game aswell. I think it is a huge step and is a big reason why LBP is being praised everywhere.

kevnb5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

go play a few games with level creators. The game has to be good before it matters. UT3 is the best looking game with an extensive level creator, it still sold poorly because the gameplay was too much like older games in the series. Do you think a game that plays like a mediocre 8 bit title is going to change the gaming world?

The Lazy One5808d ago

Unlike 90% of the people here, I've played it. It's an incredible clusterf*** for people that aren't good at controlling the game. This is not a game that will be at all fun to jump into with friends that haven't played it before.

Also, plenty of games have had amazingly robust and simple creation tools, and I'd say only 10% of people take them seriously, and of that 10%, probably only 10% will be any good at it.

Real Gambler5808d ago

This guy never played it at all!!!

"The character customisation and level building tools still sound amazing,"

Give me a break, you get a chance to play the game and don't even try building anything? Seriously, I'm pretty sure Al never came out of his basement. He just pick on anything from what he read all over the place, and make sure he get hits on his web page to get money from publicity. Sadly, it does seem to work for him, and we will still get bad opinions from him. If you believe in Al Warmington, you must also believe in Santa Claus my friend.

mfwahwah5807d ago

But when a game is marketed for it's level creator moreso than it's actual SP, then do you really think only 10% will use it? And that only 10% of those 10% will be good at it?

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fufotrufo5808d ago

looks fun..but spending 400 bucks for this game? no thanks

Real gamer 4 life5808d ago

So then why come and comment about it. Nobody cares if you not going to buy it, there plenty of other people that will.

Figboy5808d ago

there are more games than just Little Big Planet on the PS3 to make that $400 MORE than worth it.

personally, when it comes to exclusives, i've enjoyed

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Virtua Fighter 5 (timed exclusive, but still a damn fun game, regardless)
Heavenly Sword
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
Ratchet and Clank Future
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Unreal Tournament 3
Metal Gear Solid 4

maybe not just one would be considered a "system seller" but the WHOLE group of them? most certainly.

then when you factor in the quality multi-plats, there's no reason to fall back on the ol' "well, THAT one game isn't enough to get me to buy the system" excuse.

the PS3 has some good stuff out there, not to mention it's other multi-media functions that add to it's value.

you know, just FYI, that's all.

princejb1345808d ago

is it really 400
cause if it is just for a peace of software than they can keep their money

Lionsguard5808d ago

WOW I didn't know LBP was going to cost $400..../sarcasm

You know there are other games out there to buy instead of LBP and if you're not gonna get it then why are you even here? You're obviously not going to buy a PS3 for any other game so really you're just an attention whore, well no one cares if you're not getting it and it's probably for the best.