How Splatoon Has Only Gotten Better Since Launch


As one of Nintendo’s biggest games this year, Splatoon arrived with an ample amount of hype and hope from longstanding fans of the company. Wii U owners, and even those simply intrigued by the unique third-person shooter, waited on the game’s arrival to see if it was really worth checking out. Upon the game’s arrival, however, many gamers and critics were quick to find out that it was very light on content, ourselves included.

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JacketsNest1011804d ago

I actually enjoy the lack of customizable classes. It helps to keep everything on an even playing field. From a game perspective, each release of new content constantly shifts the meta. The inclusion of pre built sets of weapons allows for a much more competitive environment because people can't make a build that breaks the game. They will always have a weakness. Gear abilities make up for that deficit a little bit, but the weapons sets were a very wise decision by Nintendo.

N4g_null1804d ago

I'm really curious about the Gatlin load out. Can wait to get started on the map remixes also. For them not to have any experience with shooters really they are knocking this out of the park. The squad play will be interesting also.

Sylth011804d ago

I honestly feel the content release schedule for splatoon was the best hope Nintendo had for breaking into the online multiplayer shooter genre.

I am not sure if it will be received as well if a sequel comes out, though. By then, players will have gotten used to the full extent of the current game, it will have a sizable following of its own (hopefully: my crystal ball has never worked well), and the devs will have a better idea of the game's direction and balance. Following the same pattern for the next game would have the opposite effect, I'd expect.

Nevers0ft1803d ago

One thing that didn't occur to me at the time when the game launched was how effective Nintendo's approach to releasing updates for Splatoon would be... It's kept the game in the press for months, even the major gaming sites. The amount of publicity it seems to generate is impressive.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1804d ago

Keep adding. They don't even need to make a sequel anytime soon. Just update update update

dubal-e1803d ago

Is Splatoon the most solid shooter on the market right now? I know one thing it's wayyy more fun then I thought it'd be.

Kevlar0091803d ago

It's more deep than I originally thought as well. There's a diverse set of perks you can choose for your classes, and there are more weapons every few weeks that can be tailored to certain playstyles and preferences. Being Nintendo's first shooter, I'd say they did a pretty good job, also considering how they can be pretty conservative.

WizzroSupreme1803d ago

If there was any game that the Wii U should've launched with, it was probably Splatoon.

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