We Predicted The Attack On Titan Game In 2014

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"It's not everyday that something you've been hoping for is eventually announced in the gaming community and it's not everyday that you predict that same thing a year in advance. Well that's the case with Koei Tecmo's newly announced Attack on Titan game coming in 2016. Are we some sort of a godsend, or a bunch of future predicting wizards? Let's dive in a take a look."

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KindaGrump1801d ago

Haha that's pretty funny. You nailed the dev right on the nose. I'm excited for it too. I think KT and Bandai Namco are the two teams that I would trust on this project. I'm excited for 2016!

GamingTechUnited1801d ago

When we heard the news of the games' announcement, we were a bit taken aback by it. It was one of the "waaaait a minute" moments.

sactownlawyer9161800d ago

I cant wait to hear more details about this title. Very intriguing.

Rhezin1800d ago

OMG REALLY?!!!!………… there was already a free-to-play flash game before this one.