5 Fantastic Videogame Developments to get Excited About

We live in exciting times. There's a lot of interesting stuff and new ideas just arrived on the videogame market, and some more things just starting to appear on the horizon. Here are some things that I, (And I think many others) are looking forwards to in the immediate, or very near future.

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hay5743d ago

What's Halo doing there among Johnny, DMM and Euphoria?

Xi5743d ago

i'd think that'd be a development to get excited about, same with halo 4, since halo 1-3 were all great games.

mfwahwah5742d ago

Yea, console RTS isn't really a "fantastic... development to get excited about." Should have put Endwar up if anything, it uses voice recognition very well, which few if any games even use (not counting singing, since it doesn't command troops).

Xi5743d ago

no donnybrook on there, i thought that would be pretty important.

Infernus5743d ago

Wasn't Christian Bale suggested for the role of Snake in the MGS movie Sony were planning?

I'd have thought MGS could actually work as a brilliant game to movie conversion, it's actually structured like a movie by Hideo Kojima anyway and I'm not talking about the long cutscenes. The Tanker section of MGS2 was so movie-like that I thought there and then they should make a live action movie of MGS, it's been passed around but if they get a good enough script together I think it could turn into a huge success.

I doubt Gears at the cinema would grab much press attention, kinda like what happened with Hitman. God of War could follow suit. MGS (If they managed to get Christian Bale as Snake) could surprise a lot of gamers as a success. I think it'd have the action/suspense a movie needs to get you involved along with the complexity and depth any movie needs to make it feel real.

Btw I do realise Bale is doing the next Terminater movie for release next year, so casting him in MGS may seem like overkill to many lol

JasonX435742d ago

That Johnny guy should walk into Nintendo and present his whole head tracking thing during an interview for a job! They'd be nuts not to hire him!


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shinoff218364d ago

I've looked and wished we never did get here.


Master Chief Became More Than A Machine In 343's Halo

In Halo 4, 5, and Infinite, Master Chief became a more nuanced, human character.

In spite of the Halo series’ struggles, 343 deserves praise for adding nuance and characterisation to the ever-beating heart of Halo - The Master Chief. Playing through Infinite, it's abundantly clear that the events of the current and previous trilogies have irrevocably changed the iconic hero. He’s no longer the ‘blank slate’ that was previously presented by Bungie. He’s a fatigued, damaged and fallible protagonist, and one who is meandering through currents of grief, while reveling in his newfound agency. Giving the Chief a compelling and meaningful voice was no small feat, and 343 should be proud of that victory.

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kingnick401d ago

This article completely misses part of the appeal of the original iteration of character in the original game trilogy. It was the Chief and Cortana vs an entire alien collective. The blank slate Bungie displayed in their games was genius, he was an mysterious hero a wide audience could identify with because he wasn't as clearly defined as most characters.

The books added a lot of lore and backstory but most Halo players just want a fun game with exposition that doesn't get in the way of gameplay, it's why the Cortana level in Halo 3 was derided.

Not every character has to be a damaged soyboy, a soldier has to suck it up and do his duty.

BandarHub401d ago

A lot of people give the 343 version of Master Chief a lot of slack.
But Fundamentally he is still the same character, he just has a couple more dialogues. He has not changed in terms of attitude.
"Not every character has to be a damaged soyboy, a soldier has to suck it up and do his duty."
And that's what he has done at the end of the day, he did his duty. Watch his partner die, and was ready to destroy the weapon in Halo infinite....he is still the same soilder that everyone remembers

Halo Infintes one was a nice balance between both.

slate91401d ago

Chief and the halo franchise became a joke under 343

Sciurus_vulgaris401d ago

The 343i Master Chief has is based on the books. However, in Halo 4-Infinite, the Master Chief overtime become. gradually becomes more willing to show some emotion.

Obscure_Observer400d ago

"However, in Halo 4-Infinite, the Master Chief overtime become. gradually becomes more willing to show some emotion."

Which is awesome! I love how Master Chief become more John and less soldier.

Sciurus_vulgaris400d ago

I didn’t even notice my typos,lol