Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break’s Time Powers Detailed

During a behind closed doors presentation of Quantum Break, Creative Director Sam Lake explained how the game’s time powers work.

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christocolus1800d ago

Nice. I think i saw Jack use the move in the demo.I wonder if we'll be able to mix up and use a number of these time powers in certain gameplay scenarios.

Dread1800d ago

I think u can. It seemed that it was done in the demo, but perhaps i am mistaken.

NeonEnigma1800d ago

This could be the game that gets me to pick up an xbox 1. My jaw was on the floor after the gameplay trailer! Can anyone give me some details on the scope/layout of the level design? Oh and Hopefully remedy can make better use of Lance Reddick than Bungie

KionicWarlord2221800d ago

When i saw it i knew you could use all those powers at your will .

This games gonna be a classic.

1800d ago