Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room Review - TXH

James writes - "DONTNOD Entertainment has well and truly gotten their claws into me to the point where I instantly want more after each episode. Now it’s time to get stuck into “Dark Room” and see if it can keep up the great storytelling but also maybe add a few decent puzzles to make it more tasking for the average gamer."

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neil3631803d ago

I've been holding off and holding off until the finale releasing. Then I'll be all over this. Have heard such good things.

shadow18spirit1803d ago

It's gonna be a little boring at first, but its awesome.

neil3631803d ago

Cheers. I've been tempted to drop in with the episodes that have released so far but would much prefer to play through them in one go.

Looking forward to it!

NeonEnigma1803d ago

How frequent and how consistent are episodes releasing? As a big Tell Tale fan i can say that my biggest complaint with episodic gaming is having the wait b/t episode 1-2 be 1 week and then the wait b/t 2-3 be a month.

shadow18spirit1803d ago

Its kinda the same. every two months, i would say the last episode would be late September with game of thrones. though tales from borderland takes 3 months i think, but its worth the wait.