Split-Screen Vs. Online - Story of a Lonely Gamer

"There is nothing the video game industry loves more than a good trend. “Hey, that game with the bald, gruff space marine sold really well, we need that in our game!” or, “people are all talking about that cover system, can you make it more like that?” It’s an unfortunate reality of any big entertainment industry, if something sells or seems popular, every game is clamoring to make sure they have it too. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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LaWiiG1171d ago

Local split screen with dual monitor capabilities would be nice.

scark921170d ago

Some of my favorite games are held up so high to me are because of Split Screen alone, it is more fun than online with a friend imo

TLG19911170d ago

Local co-op wins every time. weather its split screen or not. either playing something like fifa or rocket league with friends or recently i got my girlfriend into diablo 3, we started it together its was fantastic and couldn't have imagined playing it any other way.