2K Sports reveals full ‘WWE 2K16’ features

“WWE 2K16” will feature a new submission system, brand new commentary, an updated creation suite and more characters than ever before, 2K Sports confirmed in a press release obtained by Examiner on Wednesday.

While it’s too early to tell, “WWE 2K16,” on paper, features a slew of updates and changes over its predecessor. As far as gameplay modes go, back are the 2K Showcase, Universe and MyCareer modes, as well as what 2K Sports said will be a “revamped” online mode. In terms of gameplay, 2K Sports said the game will feature updated controls, an improved pin system and “working holds,” which will allow the player to keep an opponent in a hold and regain their stamina at the same time. For the first time in the series’ history as well, players will be able to take control of their characters on the entrance ramp, making for one-of-a-kind entrances.

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TeamLeaptrade1800d ago

Wow, 120 unique playable characters is awesome news to me. I kind of wish they kept the reversal system the way it was, but any change at this point is a good idea.

GameBoyColor1799d ago

This sounds amazing. Live entrances especially, that's just awesome as hell. Too bad itll obviously have a lot of bugs at launch but im still hyped.

ShadowKing-1799d ago

maybe its just me, but i more interested in what match types that have not already been added, will be added, because at least for me match types at the end of the day make it or break it for me. granted i will end up buying it because i a sheep when it comes to these games but who does not want to see, strecher matches, casket matches, cow bell matches, actual backstage matches (like HCTP) ambulance matches,etc.
i am glad there is a lot of content in this game this year that should have not been cut in the first place.

ServerBOT1799d ago

Damnit, i nearly read that as "2K Sports reveals full ‘WWE 2K16’ roster"
Full features is a few days old news.

5yb5n6u1799d ago

doesnt care about the roster one bit. i know the first time i got my copy, ill create my conan o brien caws!

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