King’s Quest – Episode 1: A Knight to Remember Review | GameSpew

Rich at GameSpew writes: "A classic adventure series that started in the 80’s, the King’s Quest games passed me by way back when I was a wee nipper. Having played this new entry developed by The Odd Gentlemen however, I’m beginning to think that I may have missed something special.

Thrust into the Kingdom of Daventry, you control a meek aspiring young Knight called Graham. He’s a rather likeable fellow that’s timid when faced with danger or an awkward situation yet finds the confidence to make a wisecrack or two when the opportunity arises. He also just cannot contain himself when excited. Tasked by the King to recover a magical mirror currently being guarded by a huge dragon, Graham gallantly climbs down a well into the dragon’s lair, beginning a perilous escapade that serves as a brilliant opening to this charming adventure."

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