Destiny Heads North to Keep Interest From Going South

The Ghost in Destiny has been recast, but is this voice actor change enough to save a slow and seemingly missing story?

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callumjack1804d ago

my god, this title, its glorious

pompombrum1804d ago

Better and far more creative than the entire script for Destiny tbh

1804d ago
pompombrum1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Predicable doesn't make it any less true though sadly. Unfortunately I don't even have time to tell you why Iy don't even have time as to why it's true.

shocked6861804d ago

Great article. I didn't mind dinklebot quite as much as everyone else, but Destiny could definitely benefit from a more enthusiastic narrator

JeffGUNZ1804d ago

Do you really think so? I put in hundreds of hours and could care less of the voice of a digital diamond box. The problem is content. After release, the DLC has been thinner and thinner. The last DLC was terrible, awful choice excluding the fan favorite raid for a weekly rehashed horde mode. I hit level 34 in 3 days of release of the House of Wolves, upgraded the guns I care about in a week and had nothing left to do. It got so bleak so quick from this DLC that I haven't played in about 2 months. I am very doubtful for TTK and I probably wont drop the money for it immediately since Gears Ultimate will steal my time.

MPScrimshaw1804d ago

I think the game will benefit from the inclusion of a narrator that isn't bored out of his mind, but no one is saying this fixes all (or any) of the problems the game has. Its one positive thing is a sea of total F ups.

JeffGUNZ1804d ago


I can see it being better for new gamers to the Destiny universe, but for guys like me who have beaten it at least three times (if you made three characters), this will really do little to appease me. If they added more dialgoue and story background, I would whole heartidly agree, but they won't. I really dont want to have to stop and read grimoire cards online or on an app (why they are not in the menu of the game blows my mind) to figure out the store. If that were the case, I'd just wait till Destiny the novel was released. Strange decisions from bungie with this game. I really do believe all those internal issues ruined what could have been a gaming generation defining game.

MPScrimshaw1804d ago

basically agree with everything you said. It's an interesting, cool decision on their part, because seriously, screw Dinklebot, but it really doesn't matter at all. As I said in the piece, what really stinks is that you can see that there's a ton of really interesting, cool stuff going on in the Destiny Universe, they're just making a point to hide it all from us for whatever reason, whether it be laziness or hopes that we'll all download the app?

JWiLL5521803d ago


Apparently they ARE adding more dialogue and story background. He didn't just rerecord Dinklages lines. They're even redoing how the campaign flows.

They also hinted at Grimoire/lore being transmitted through your it looks like they may have had him record additional lines for that stuff as well, which would be great.

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MPScrimshaw1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

If Dinklage hadn't been half asleep when he was recording, or phoning it it so hard, he probably would have been fine.

joab7771804d ago

If Destiny keeps adding content like this from here on out, it will finally start to become the MMORPGFPS we have always dreamed of.

Honestly, I think it came put a yr early and should have been next gen only. It's scale is too big!!!

shocked6861804d ago

With the game being packaged with all 3 DLC's for $60 it's actually not a bad deal. There might just be enough content to warrant a full-price. Wish they had that from the beginning

Jughead34161804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Not an mmo or an RPG

reallyNow1804d ago

RPG part is debatable. You take the role of one person, you have inventory, leveling, missions, and missions that move the story. The lines have definitely been blurred these past 2 generations. But an RPG is an RPG.

fOrlOnhOpe571804d ago

I'm Flat Earth. It's already fell off my map.

jokerisalive1804d ago

I had no problem with Dinklage's voice - he was after all a robot so can't imagine alot of emotion or enthusiasm there. Should have left it alone and now it will feel different going thru areas from before with a new voice but oh well some people are never satisfied unless they can change everything.

MPScrimshaw1804d ago

So, what you're really saying is "Some people just want to watch the world burn"?

callumjack1804d ago

he couldn't even do a passable emotionless robot, but he definitely did a great job portraying an actor that couldn't give less of a shit

JeffGUNZ1804d ago

The voice of a floating robot is the least of destinys major concerns. Nerfing PvE weapons because PvP is unbalanced is a cop out. Changing things because you dont want the userbase playing the way they want to is a cop out. Having open land filled with void space and dlc with lack of indepth content is poor. All these problems are more pressing then a robot voice. I mean seriously, their is no story for Dinklebot to tell!

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