Mafia 3 - a heady mix of violence, ’60s rock, and feeding foes to the ’gators | GamesRadar


"Is this the coolest game of 2016? That’s what I find myself scribbling down on my notepad, as the very first demo of Mafia 3 reaches its explosive conclusion. On screen, anti-hero Lincoln Clay is fending off what seems like an army of goons using a colossal Magnum to drop his enemies in style, and a grenade launcher to blast oncoming cars into balls of flame; all while Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones blasts out as the anarchic soundtrack to this game’s unique flavour of murder. Moments earlier, Clay did this straight-out-of-Hollywood move where he accelerated his vehicle at a blockade of gangster cars, only to dive out at the last minute and watch as the clash of shattered automobiles created a fireball that engulfed his enemies."

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