Did EA win over Gamescom with the new FIFA 16 details?

Fin writes "After watching the Xbox conference at Gamescom, I was left intrigued, above everything else, at the new features and ways to play FIFA 16 – especially new details on the most popular game mode for FIFA fans… FIFA Ultimate Team."

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oKidUKo1796d ago

I feel like I may play more of the career mode this time. Good to see there's more being done other than 'bringing emotion'

BlackPanther1796d ago

Fifa 16 looks pretty good this time around.

Ricegum1796d ago

Lol, sounds like the football version of Call Of Duty. Actually I'd say Call of Duty changes more with each new game release.

Wh15ky1796d ago

More like call of duty is the FPS version of FIFA.

BlackPanther1796d ago

Of course Call of Duty changes more than Fifa....

It isn't like the game of football changes from year to year. You can only add so much because the rules of football stay constant.

This is nothing like Call of Duty.

scark921796d ago

Looked interesting to me!

wakeNbake1796d ago

Maybe for fans of Sports games...... everyone else not really.

Wh15ky1796d ago

And that's a heck of a big crowd.

lemoncake1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

FIFA 16 looks exactly same as Fifa 15 which looked exactly same as Fifa 14. Is FUT really the most popular game mode or just the most profitable? Personally I only ever play career mode, FUT just comes over as a huge cash cow.

Ricegum1796d ago

Exactly. Yet people are quick to shit all over Cod for doing this sort of thing.

nX1796d ago

Though we should complain about every cash cow, not only the succesful ones.

spacedelete1796d ago

FIFA sells though. alot. its crazy how a yearly sports game can sell around 15 -20 million. if people enjoy it thats what matters i guess.

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