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EazyC1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Aww so it's not about the Cosa Nostra Mafia anymore? Disappointed.

Magicite1800d ago

If that guy is gonna be main protagonist, then I already dislike him. Would fit to be main villain though.

bananaboats1800d ago

I disagree, I like the fact that he's already a badass.too many games have you play as some sensitive Dudley-do-right.

morganfell1800d ago


I get the feeling he is only one of the playable characters. That last question he asks actually seems indicative of that feature. The tell of course would be another story trailer from a different character.

Though there are some interesting elements it seems to be abandoning the flair, the feeling for which the past two Mafia games were known. That certain Mafia style. In that regard it is a disappointment because any game could have been made about revenge but the Mafia games had a certain insider's take on La Cosa Nostra no other games possessed. Removing or putting that Godfather feeling aside is a disappointment.

cleft51800d ago

I really liked what I saw here. I am thinking it will be 4 player coop or 4 players with different stories to tell. I wasnt the biggest fan of Mafia 2 but I did like it. This really feels like its going to be good so far.

GTgamer1800d ago

OMG its a Black Dean Winchester and i like it :D

Aenea1800d ago

LOL, yes! I was thinking "where is Sammy?" and then you see a bar called "Sammy's"!!!

GTgamer1799d ago

@aenea lol omg i just realized that sammy sign :D lol at least we know the devs are fans of supernatural.

CBaoth1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

The guy getting chomped on probably worked for a "family". Has a Four Brothers vibe to it.

EDIT: Just watched the other vid. We'll have to see more. Gameplay looked decent. Dunno about the storyline though

Crazyglues1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Ahhh... it was awesome and all but we didn't get any Gameplay this was all CGI... and where's the Mafia? Didn't really see the tie-in to the big crime family from this.. (maybe they are going in a new direction with all this family talk)

And I can't tell if the game will be good or how well it runs on the system from this trailer... Looked good, but what did we really see.

Still pumped for this game, just wish we could have seen what its really going to look like..

I feel like I don't know anymore about the game then I knew before they released the Pic...

EazyC1800d ago

True, these CGI trailers aren't really necessary with how amazing games look now. Something like the GTA V reveal trailer would go down a treat; showcasing AI, vehicles, gameworld etc.

Crazyglues1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

yes, yes indeed, that's what I really wanted to see, how are the mechanics, how does it look, how's the gameplay, vehicles, size of the world, what does shooting look like...?

This just told me the game is coming 2016, and nothing else, makes me more worried this won't be good then get's me hyped.. (seen this CGI B.S. play out bad, just one too many times, so I'm not impressed)

More then disappointed, to be honest, but I guess I'll just have to wait till I actually see the game before I get excited about this..

Waste of what could have been a stunning trailer...

HuntSensei1800d ago

They need to do that because the game isnt fully developed. thats also why its not coming til' 2016.. they cant just fart out a game.. well.. i mean..Activision can... and it turns out buggy as f. so just sit back, and wait for the game play trailer. it will only take about 11 months, or 6 months. idk.

Joel22111800d ago

IGN has an article with a developer in the link I provided that has some game play video in it.

SunnyZ1800d ago

Too true.

Gamers are getting SICK TO DEATH of false CGI trailers.

Show us the REAL game or nothing at all... Please...

Forn1800d ago

I was really hoping for a gameplay trailer. Oh well.

Joel22111800d ago

Check the link I provided on anothers post, it has some gameplay in it.

spacedelete1800d ago

should at least call it a story trailer.

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