Top 10 Tuesday: Franchises That Need a Re-Redesign

If Joe-blow developer makes a game, that game is based on a design. If it's a good design, people love it. Give that same group enough time, however, and you might get what's called a "redesign." If the game was any good to begin with, this is never a good idea. Give the IGN crew a little too much free time, and they start making Top 10 lists. Eventually one comes around pointing out all the games that once were good, but now suck in some way/shape/form. Those games are now in dire need of a re-redesign.

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specialguest4328d ago

Contra found it's niche gameplay style in the 2D relm. after SNES, Contra has not been able to properly evolve or adapt to the 3D environment game world well. also, Castlevania needs a serious video game makeover too.

lpkilla74328d ago

2 words............MANIAC MANSION. The most fun I ever had with the old NES. Redo this game LUCAS ARTS. [YES lucas arts MADE maniac mansion]

UrbanJabroni4328d ago

Day of the Tentacle was a sequel to MM, so while not technically a remake, it is very similar and in many ways improved.

Harry4328d ago

Donkey Kong 64 was lame?

Since when?
And did you really expect the DK rap to be something that would battle for the top 20 charts?
No! It was meant to be cheesy.

unleash bass4328d ago

I don't think the majority of these games translate very well into the realm of 3D. Just look at Bomberman it only really works with the 2D version when all four players on on screen. Same thing with Sonic, Yes it looks good but, it goes whizzing by so fast and you can't judge the distances when jumping around, 3D spoiled it.

Same with WORMS and WORMS3D(not as good) I'm sure their are loads more that I can't think of at the moment.

The point is that re-designing these great old games may not make a great new game. Maybe they should be left alone.