The Crew Wild Run's new graphics engine is a big improvement

In a new video released today by Ubisoft during Gamescom, the game's art director David Guillaume has offered the first details on how the visuals will be improved over the original title.

"We have entirely reworked the graphics engine to shift to a physically based rendering system," he explained. "We've also added weather systems that affect road conditions adding another layer of driving challenge."

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SuperStatePro1799d ago

It looks good, but I'm amazed that it didn't have weather effects already..

just_looken1799d ago

Wait wait

So the crew was abandoned and never talked about after one month just because of graphics?

Na i think the graphic's are the last thing to talk/worry about.

GHOSTxx4201799d ago

My question is, is this a free update or is it a expansion?

freshslicepizza1799d ago

in the article,

"Even without the expansion players of The Crew will be able to enjoy the complete graphics overhaul and a dynamic weather system free of charge."

it does look a lot better

uth111799d ago

Wild Run is DLC, but everyone gets the graphics upgrade except those on last gen I believe

Izalith1799d ago

Gonna get this for sure.

Aggesan1799d ago

Looks cool, but the release date is too close to the launch of Fallout 4 for me. Might buy it at a later date tho.

FlexLuger1799d ago

Looks much better. But it still has that awful handling doesnt it? I think my problem is I have been spoiled by FH2.

uth111799d ago

I think the handling is fine once you tweak the settings and upgrade you cars' steering.

FlexLuger1799d ago

Feels to...."hollow " to DC and NFS games As I said though, I think I have been spoiled by forza handling model in motorsport and its arcadey horizon guise. I like when I can feel the tyres, suspension and the cars weight. Otherwise I just feel diconnnected. doesnty help that I do track days either.... lol. Even in real life I judge a car base on handling and steering feel.

uth111799d ago

Well I prefer arcady, but I don't like NFS because it's too easy to oversteer. In Crew, my car does what I intended it to do, just like my real car does. That's what I expect from handling.

If you don't like an arcade feel, then Crew will never be for you, I guess.

weirdo1799d ago

looks like a 360 game