The Crew: New Wild Run expansion trailer showcases graphical overhaul

Team VVV writes: "The comparisons reveal that The Crew will feature wet weather effects for the first time as we get to see a very wet scene with rain coming down, water droplets filling the screen, water tricking down the sides of the rocks and roads are strewn with shallow puddles, it all looks pretty impressive I have to say."

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BlackPanther1793d ago

This may be a good time to jump into The Crew now but with games like Need for Speed and Forza 6 coming out this year as well it seems I will be waiting more as well.

StrayaKNT1792d ago

I agree i really cant wait for need for speed and forza.

But this looks really interesting.

Is the whole game getting a graphical overhaul or is it just the dlc pack?

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081792d ago

The game is getting a complete graphic overhaul,
and will be free. The wild run expansion you have to pay for!

ChronoJoe1792d ago

Why does this video compare wet to dry whether? Doesn't make sense.

SuperStatePro1792d ago

Wait... The crew didn't have weather effects ALREADY? In an open world game where you drive across the US?? K...

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081792d ago

They had weather, but only up north in the mountain states, but not dynamic! however, now just like need for speed is using physically based rendering(PBR), this game also will be using physically based rendering capabilities, which given them the ability to now have weather everywhere in the game now, thunderstorms, lightning, snow also been confirmed.

paul-p19881792d ago

My son broke my copy of The Crew a couple of days ago (2yr old + dirty hands = impossible to clean it enough for it to be read) so I might have to pick up the complete edition when this comes out. I'm loving the graphical overhaul!

Skate-AK1792d ago

Bought The Crew on sale a couple months ago but with my back log as big as it is, I have no problem waiting until Novemver to start playing it again.

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