Everything Is Overrated: Long Games

Dom from EGMR writes: "Game length is a touchy subject for a hobby as expensive as gaming. When you’re putting down $60 or more for a game that cost millions to develop, you expect a certain amount of content to be there. Everyone has an idea of how long games should be, like “open world games should be at least 20 hours” or “it’s okay if hack n slash games are only 4 hours as long as it’s repeatable on higher difficulties”.

I’m of the opinion that value should be about more than just hours taken to complete, though."

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OB1Biker1801d ago

I mostly agree here and what matters most to me is a game that keeps me 'engaged' because I enjoy it
I think the price should be mainly an issue for the publisher if its too high. Nobody is forced to buy a game day one and its usually a lot more affordable a few months later.
Here s where I think the reviews approach should evolve and focus on fairly informing the consumers about the game instead of often being more like opinion pieces whether they like a game or not with a silly focus on justifying a 'score', keeping in mind everyone has different tastes.
Ultimately its up to every gamer to make their own mind on what game they want to buy and how much they want to pay for it.