Rare Shares A Rare Glimpse of Kameo 2

Rare has shared a new glimpse inside of Kameo 2.

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christocolus1804d ago

Nice. The art is quite different from the original. It looks like a completely different game. Now that Rare's back to doing what they love, I hope we get a nice fantasy adventure title from them.......and Conker 2 or Banjoe 3 :)

HaydenJameSmith1804d ago

After seeing this concept stuff, there is no doubt in my mind that this game needs to happen. Phil make it happen...

christocolus1804d ago

Phil harrsion before leaving MS said Rare was working on multiple projects with Rare Replay done and Sea of thieves coming out next year,I'm sure we will get something new from the team. I would love a new kameo though. Those concept art look really good and very dark.

nossred1804d ago

I agree, Imagine one of those games being announced next E3 along with The Lost Odyssey.

Now with Phil in the command is easier to see the Rare have freedom to develop their favorite games.

christocolus1804d ago

We are definitely getting some major announcments next year cos all the games which have been announced so far are all 2015 and 2016 titles. E3 next year will tell us more about theoior plans for 2016 and beyond and I hope we get a major adventure game from Rare.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1804d ago

OMG i love kameo this concept stuff looks brilliant they need to bring this!!!!

Relientk771804d ago

Rare should have made this

Eterna1Ice1804d ago

But, hey, we got Kinect Sports instead. Yay. Said no one ever.

maybelovehate1804d ago

Kinect Sports sold much better than Kameo. I would have loved another Kameo but Kinect Sports was Rare's best selling game.

Consumers are weird but it is what it is.

-Foxtrot1804d ago

Phil cancelled it though

barb_wire1804d ago

Aww that's a shame.. Kameo was a great and underappreciated game on the 360.

Maybe one day, Rare will be allowed to go back to it.

lemoncake1804d ago

would have loved a kameo 2.

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