PvZ GW2 gets 3 new characters, solo play mode, and Grass Effect Z7 Mech

Get out your garden hoes and grave digging tools: during EA’s Gamescom press conference this morning, 3 all-new characters were announced for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, along with the a solo play feature, and a pre-order bonus “Grass Effect” Z7 Mech character.

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MeteorPanda1805d ago

plants vs zombies guild wars 2 gets 3 new characters

l was getting a whole other message from this title

superchiller1804d ago

I think most people would realize that GW2 stands for Garden Warfare 2, in this context.

3-4-51804d ago

Looks awesome, can't wait to play this. I still play the first one and it's never stopped being fun.

Darkfist1805d ago

why isnt there a story mode for this?

superchiller1804d ago

I totally agree, without any single-player content or offline mode, it's not worth it at all. MP-only games are entirely at the mercy of online connections and finding other decent players, so they really don't have much longevity.