Activision finally announce their Gamescom 2015 games line up

Neil writes "It may be a little late in the day, but Activision have finally got round to confirming the games which will be present at their show booths. It's a pretty strong line up too...albeit bare of surprises."

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spacedelete1797d ago

pathetic line up. they have the nerve to use the word "innovation". Activision are a cancer.

cd11797d ago

wow, you have really strong views about Activision - they kick your dog or something? :)

Dinkleberg1011797d ago

Activision line up for 2015: call of doody
activision line up for 2016: call of doody

WitWolfy1797d ago

And yet people still buy their junk...

Ricegum1797d ago

I don't consider their work junk. Stop being so opinionated and at least show a bit of respect for the work the developers put in for us.

spacedelete1797d ago

i admit i used to buy their junk because i fell for the hype every time but not anymore. whenever i see an Activision logo i instantly think poor quality shovelware i.e. the Prototype ports to Xbox One and PS4.

cd11797d ago

Junk in YOUR opinion pal. I'm certainly no COD-BOT as i play lots of games but still looking forward to the new Zombies, I understand its not for everyone thou.

TLG19911797d ago

Can we have a website with a tally chart that shows how many times non imaginative or innovative companies use generic predictable phrases like "will change the way people play" And "introducing significant innovations" when actually its the same old shit year in, year out

WitWolfy1797d ago

How can you forget phrases like "Fish AI"...?

Luvofdegames1797d ago

A bit like "xbox greatest line up" and then proceed to show milked franchises (forza/halo/gears/fable).

EazyC1797d ago

Ignore this load of arse and look forward to that Mafia 3 trailer in half an hour instead ;D

Mrveryodd1797d ago

Just bought call of duty ghosts for $15 on eBay .
I am enjoying the sh#t out of it .