Get your first look at Homefront: The Revolution

MWEB GameZone writes: "Check out the first screenshots for Homefront: The Revolution."

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Sillicur1805d ago

Looks awesome! I never played the first homefront though, is it worth playing still?

schmoe1805d ago

It was plagued with game breaking bugs and had massive performance issues. I parked the title waiting for patches, not sure if they ever arrived...

TimeSkipLuffy1805d ago

The graphic was outdated at that time but it was a good game nonetheless. I really like the concept and feel behind the game.

Brotard1805d ago

They showed gameplay to this game at last years e3
It has changed companies since then.

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DesVader1805d ago

It looks like Deep Silver have done a good job in ressurecting this IP after it was dropped.

schmoe1805d ago

agreed, am hoping this release will fulfill the promises that the first one failed to deliver on..

ShaunF581805d ago

Another great first-person shooter game.

HoldenZA1805d ago

Looking good! I Love the revolution theme :)

KyRo1805d ago

Me too! I was getting a strong Freedom Fighters vibe from it. I really wish EA would revive that IP.