Final Fantasy XV 'Dawn' Gamescom 2015 trailer looks maginificent

New footage of the next blockbuster entry in the Final Fantasy franchise

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Abash2180d ago

But when will we know it's release date? It's killing me at this point!

DarkOcelet2180d ago

Maybe they will announce it at the coming days since they are staying there a couple of days if my memory serves me right.

And also saying Pre Order at Amazon is the first to be seen in this trailer I think so it doesn't seem that far off. Q1/Q2 2016 seems to be a good time for release.

deim0s2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

They have an hour-long presentation in about 10 hours. I don't know if they'll announce a specific date, but I'm expecting a window at least.

TFJWM2180d ago

I'd guess they will announce the release date at the Tokyo Game Show if its going to be in 2016

chaos9992180d ago

Q2 2016? But they dont even have the Dub ready...

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Irishguy952180d ago

3 fal cie at the end there?

Their shapes at least. Talking to the old guy

DarkOcelet2180d ago

They looked like knights.

Name Last Name2180d ago

Seeing as how Leviathan and Ramuh are that huge I guess they're summons too. Could be Bahamut, Alexander and Odin.

Magicite2180d ago

GOTY confirmed whenever it launches (wishful thinking).

C L O U D2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Seems very mature indeed...

Just when people thought it was loosing its main theme.

Graphically its so impressive...the emotions are going to be strong in this title for sure

Edit: doesn't he kinda look like Big Boss :p

DarkOcelet2180d ago

Well، he is a King so he is sorta of a real Big Boss :)

DarkOcelet2180d ago

LOL! That was a good one. + bub.

smashman982180d ago

Where the hell is that date square argghhhh

goldwyncq2180d ago

Well that was disappointing.

Nucler1002180d ago

Them visuals..whew
Story seems like it's going for that dark route, which is another plus

I hope we get another trailer though
This isn't enough..

Also need that release date

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The story is too old to be commented.