'Angry Birds 2' Is Worse Than The Original In Nearly Every Way

Forbes: Angry Birds 2 is frighteningly similar to Plants vs. Zombies 2 in the way it takes an incredibly popular paid game, turns it free-to-play and manages to completely nuke everything I liked about its predecessor in the process. It’s a shame.

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Becuzisaid2235d ago

I like it better than the original in almost every way.

Summons752235d ago

It's amazing! Typically in game development you look at the first game and learn how to improve it. Not only did Ravio take an already terrible "game" (and I use game lightly because it's mobile crap) and make it even worse. Simply amazing developers can be so ignorant.

ChrisW2235d ago

I play a level or two while on the pooper and that's it. All of those negative things about paying money doesn't apply to people like me!

Epicor2235d ago

Rovio had a multi million franchise in their hands...probably not for long. I admire what they did with original Angry Birds business wise. The problem is that they got too greedy. Pay to win and constant money walls might make some quick bucks but in a long run they lose their fans.

LifeInNZ2235d ago

Love it....but boy does it drain the battery!

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