Seagate Offers 50+ Games Space For Your Xbox One

Seagate has announced a new HD that will add space for over 50+ games to the Xbox One. The new external HD looks to be ideal for those gamers who cannot stand having to delete games from their system.

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t-hall7851807d ago

Not bad for the price. Just get rid of the ugly green and make it black.

Garethvk1807d ago

They would say flip it over. Or paint it, or stickers.

kneon1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Or just buy a WD passport and get your choice of color.

And the new Ultra goes to 3TB, so even more room.

xDHAV0K24x1807d ago

ugly green??? homage to the OG xD

t-hall7851806d ago

The OG was predominantly black too...
my slim and my one are black so i'm just bein a little selfish

ABizzel11807d ago

That's awful for the price.

2TB externals have been going for $75 - $80 all the time and have sales for around $60, you're paying an overhead for a green plate with Xbox on it.

n4rc1807d ago

Mentioned this in another article..

I paid like $90 CDN for a 2tb drive.. And its a 7200rpm drive.. I've noticed many like to play the usb-powered angle as a benefit when its only ensuring a slower 5400rpm drive..

Such as life tho I guess.. Companies pray on those that don't research their purchases

optimus1807d ago

I like that it works with the 360 as well...seeing as how you can find similar drives for about the same price or less, the only thing off putting would be the color at this point.

vikingland11807d ago

I wonder what the rpm is?

n4rc1805d ago

itll be 5400 id bet.. its a usb-powered portable drive.

so a 2.5" laptop drive @ 5400rpm... better off buying a 7200rpm desktop drive (3.5")

lemoncake1807d ago

Ewww Seagate, no thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.