Will Konami Stop You From Buying MGSV?

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Konami cannot seem to stay out of the gaming headlines as of late and would look to the average person that most of it is through their own doing. With the most recent allegations of Konami treating their employees almost inhumanely, groups on the internet have started #BoycottKonami hashtags on Twitter an social media. The question I pose to you is simple. Will Konami stop you from buying MSGV?"

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Batzi1801d ago

No. MGSV is a "A Hideo Kojima Game". I am buying it to support Kojima and his team!

GamingTechUnited1801d ago

That is exactly what we say in the article in response to the #BoycottKonami hashtag. Glad we're not alone in thinking this way!

SourtreeDing1801d ago

i played and loved MGS4, but since online is being held back till Oct 6th on PS4 ill wait to get the game no rush.

camel_toad1800d ago

Konami is crap now but no way in hell will I punish myself by not getting this day one.

bouzebbal1800d ago

no, but i'm buying it used. Konami don't deserve my money.

umair_s511800d ago

MGSV is a Hideo Kojima game even if it doesn't say on the box

bouzebbal1800d ago

exactly what Konami want you to believe. They want your money, and if you think this is a Kojima game and you will buy it for that then they got what they wanted.

umair_s511800d ago

@abzdiine I don't need Konami to tell me anything, I can tell apart the two. In my eyes this is the last Hideo Kojima game. And I will support the game

bmf73641800d ago

Kojima is a master and revolutionary in the industry. This is his final piece of work on Metal Gear and I support it 100%

ramiuk11800d ago

if there was an option to send the % he earns directly to him i would buy it preowned and send him the extra in a cheque but it looks like the only way to support him is to buy it.

if i do buy it though i promise that ts my last game or anything i buy that they have there name on.

nowitzki20041800d ago


Im getting it for SP, Dont care about MP always known MGS as a SP game.

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-Foxtrot1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I really don't get why people keep thinking this

Kojima will NOT benefit from this at all

It's over, it's done, they finished it, they got paid and in the end they'll move on

They won't get anything special for this game shipping so many copies nor will they get anything from Konami for this game getting amazing reviews.

In the end Kojima will have left and Konami will have a party in the back office with a massive "Do not let this man in" sign with a picture of Kojima under it.

Hey it looks like a good game but it's not going to benefit Kojima in anyway. I think for him the game getting good reviews is enough...enough to think "I did it...all that hard work paid off"

So I'm not saying you should or you have to like I'm ordering you or others what to do but since Konami is the only people benefiting here, the people who threw the guy out, buy it second hand or maybe a week or so later.

They are just going to drive the MGS games into the ground after this game so you may aswell give them the biggest middle finger you can now....something to say "Yeah we're on his side, get used to the low sales because it's only going to get worse"

KindaGrump1800d ago

I think it's ok to pick the game up at release. Yes, Kojima isn't getting the money, but it'll reflect well on him that the game sold well (and hopefully reviews well).

The way I plan on sticking it to them in the future is to simply not buy from them in the future.

ryuuzakibjorn1800d ago

It's called respect. He's put all the hard work in for your enjoyment - The least you can do is play it.

joab7771800d ago

Wrong. Its more than just money. Huge sales and critical acclaim would be a slap in Konami's face. Yeah, they make money on this, but he is gone...and will have proved them wrong.

According to them anyway, it cost too much, and took too long, so our support will only prove Kojima right.

freshslicepizza1800d ago

i buy good games, i don't care about all the drama in the background. games are meant to be bought for entertainment and to get away from reality. call me weird.

ramiuk11800d ago

will he get any royaltys though?
if its confirmed he does i will buy,if he has been paid off and thats it done then i will buy preowned.

i did send him a twitter asking but i got no reply.

tmh35931800d ago

Exactly how I feel foxtrot

tmh35931800d ago

He is paid a salary so no he will not get any royalties.

flyingwombat331800d ago

I think the idea of supporting him is to prove that he has a loyal fanbase that will buy what he puts out. I really would rather Kojima not get relegated to kickstarter like many other legendary devs; I would like him to find a company that will fund his projects.

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vork771800d ago

the mnoney dont go to kojima

umair_s511800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Yes, MGSV is a Hideo Kojima game and I am supporting it

ChickeyCantor1800d ago

How are you supporting kojima? He ain't seeing a dime.

ThunderPulse1800d ago

Plus MGSV looks to be an amazing game.

big_boss_18871800d ago

MGS is my favorite by far. Im 29, a gamer for life, and IMO nothing comes close to MGS games. TPP has been over running my brain for about 4 years now. NOTHING!!! will stop me from buying this game (already pre ordered collectors).
I have no idea what happened with Kojima and Konami, until i hear facts i won't pass judgment, but i know Kojima made this game. So i know I'm going to love it.

I made this because Kojima is The Big Boss. And Daft Punk is Solid =)

showtimefolks1800d ago

I am buying to because of kojima. I am a huge mgs fan so I don't think it's possible for me to wait. I would go nuts lol

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PhoenixUp1801d ago

No I've been waiting 3 years for this game and nothing is going to stop me

GamingTechUnited1801d ago

It's going to be very, very good. I am beyond excited for it. Has a good chance at getting our GotY here at GTU if its as good as the videos for it have looked.

Dynasty20211800d ago

As much as I love Metal Gear, GOTY is going to Fallout 4.

Seriously cant see anything beating that game's hype, unless it's a sham of a release and has been console-ized (aka dumbed down).

poor_cus_of_games1800d ago

@dynasty consoleised? I hope that my pc isn't capable of running it. Since its weak. But on the other hand I know that my console version will run it perfectly fine. See all pc's are not the same.

AndrewLB1800d ago


This is the only forum on net where people proclaim GOTY without even having played the game.


Just for fun I ran a search and it seems you proclaimed GOTY for MGSPP over at Eurogamer as well as Witcher 3. You also declared GTAV, Divinity:ORiginal Sin, The Order, Bloodborne, and TLOU Remastered GOTY as well.

Don't you ever get bored of saying "Easily a GOTY contender" or "No contest, GOTY" over and over and over and over on every site you spam on?

Majin-vegeta1801d ago

No sorry I already cancelled my LE edition.Konami wont see a cent from me.

Wish there was a way to just give the whole payment to Kojima.If i end getting it will be second hand.

GamingTechUnited1801d ago

There's nothing wrong with that either. We're all entitled to our own opinions on the matter. I always say the biggest way to speak to these companies is with your wallets and I support people doing that, even if I don't support their point of view. :)

GamingChip791800d ago

Cancelled? Shoot I would have sold it. Things sold out everywhere. Could have made some dough. Haha.

trenso11800d ago

lol well if you have a change of heart you certainly won't be getting the LE again most likely. Should have just kept it

Germany71800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I'm a huge fan of Metal Gear, and i'm waiting all this time for the new game, for me it's first day but i really respect the players that will boycott it after all.
I'm probably wrong, but i'm having a bad feeling about this new Metal Gear, just don't ask me what it is, lol.

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