New gameplay screenshots for Rise of the Tomb Raider at Gamescom 2015

New Gamescom 2015 screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Erik73571797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Game looks good.....but will it have the power of the cloud?

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starchild1797d ago

Looks amazing to be honest. Easily one of the best looking games yet.

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ThePope1797d ago

That gameplay trailer was so sick. She's so ruthless, if I was walking down the street and saw her coming at me I'd cross the street.

skydragoonityx1797d ago

So much action. Miss when tomb raider was tomb raider

Becuzisaid1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

^THIS. All I could think when watching this was how they were trying to take the brutality of The Last Of Us (come on, throwing bottles and spike grenades? A little on the nose isn't it?) Where's the exploration and adventure. Lara is not a straight up killer.

jon_snow1797d ago

They should rename this game into something else because it ain't tomb raider. More like last of us + uncharted had a baby. May be they should call it " the last of charted tomb".

FlexLuger1797d ago

Nothing wrong borrowing a little. Infamous and the order took lots of inspiration from crack down and gears of war. Im sure you like those games though.

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jb2271797d ago

Yeah, the little realtime crafting mechanic was lifted wholesale from TLOU, right down to the animations. Could've at least tried to cover it up a bit, make it a different color or something. Hopefully the blatant TLOU ripoff aspects indicates that they may actually try on the story this time though....but with the same writer it may be futile.

starchild1797d ago

Tomb Raider 2013 already had crafting. So what if they added on the fly crafting? It makes perfect sense and fits with the gameplay style that had already been established in Tomb Raider 2013, which came out before TLOU by the way. It's not like TLOU invented it anyway.

jb2271796d ago


Not saying its a bad thing, but people should admit that there are definite inspirations from TLOU...hell its actually a good thing for the TR series to get inspiration from such an amazing game. That on the fly crafting was so well done in TLOU its cool that TR is using it, I just think maybe they should've used some different iconography to make it its own thing other than such a direct homage to TLOU.

AsheXII1797d ago

She could throw bottles in the previous games. Also i wasn't aware Uncharted or TLOU were massive open world games.

Haru1797d ago

I noticed that too! they tried to copy uncharted with the first rebbot now they're trying to copy Uncharted and TLOU

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