Check out the final four tracks coming to Forza Motorsport 6

The Forza Motorsport 6 section of Microsoft’s press conference at gamescom 2015 was a rather brief one, as it showed off the racer’s rain racing aspect. Understandably, then, Turn 10 Studios has uploaded a whole bunch of extra information to its website for us, including the last four circuits to be announced for the game.

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crazychris41241798d ago

Loving these last 4 tracks and I cant wait to mess around in Sonoma and launching my car all over the track

KiwiViper851798d ago

I loved the NYC track from FM3

Immorals1798d ago

And 2.. I remember the subway advert.. I had a lot of subway because of that game..

level 3601798d ago

Circuit of the Americas is a properly great looking race track. Definitely one of the BEST out there in the global scale of things.

Great that it's featured in Forza 6.