Rally Point – Episode 28: New Total War: Warhammer and Arena info!

Rally Point is back, and Joey and Matty are bringing you the scoop from inside Total War on Warhammer and Arena.

First up we hear from Battle Designer, Simon Mann, who sits down with Joey to talk through some lore and background to one of Total War: WARHAMMER’s new Hero units; the Warrior Priests of the Empire. There’s, grey box animations, a sprinkling of exclusive new information and a brand-spanking-never-seen-befo re screenshot!

Meanwhile, the ARENA team have been working away (as they always are) on their latest update to the game. Dave Petry sits down with James (Dogbert) to show you under the hood, revealing new information on unit collision improvements, changes to Scipio (one of the commanders in the game), new player rewards for de-capturing bases and much more.

So sit down, grab the popcorn and get ready for Rally Point Episode 28.

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