Short Pause Podcast #36: What The Hell Is Going On With Mighty No. 9? PS4 Breaks 25M Units Sold

Short Pause: "This weeks topics include:

- New Destiny Location Revealed - Frankie and Bender can barely contain their excitement as they talk about the reveal of the Dreadnaught mission area that will be included in The Taken King expansion coming next month to Destiny.
- Is Keiji Inafune spreading himself too thin? - Frankie's patience is growing thin with the poorly handled Mighty No. 9 "is it or isn't it delayed?" fiasco. The fellas discuss whether or not there may be too much on Inafune's plate (Mighty No. 9, Red Ash, and Recore) to be toying with the Kickstarter community who have backed his games.
- Nintendo must reestablish itself with hardcore fans with NX - Brent states his case as to why the NX is the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to rebuild its reputation and image with gamers."

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gamingpro2237d ago

Awaits first person with no life to say "well done Sony" lol

TheDude792237d ago

There's my cue....well done, Sony! :)

tazmeah2237d ago

25M PS4's
13M Xbox One's

Console gaming is totally dead! /s

2237d ago