Homefront: The Revolution Launches Next Spring, Features Online Co-Op

Homefront: The Revolution gets a release date window and the confirmation of online co-op.

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kaiserfranz1173d ago

Love what I'm hearing and seeing of this game, honestly.

Vive la Revolution!

Frisky1173d ago

Homefront itself was a very well structured game. Unlike traditional first-person shooter games, it was something that really offered an immersive experience. I was quite bereaved thinking about if The Revolution gets cancelled after all that happened at THQ, but thankfully, here it is. Eagerly looking forward to it.

Alexious1173d ago

Me too, I was happy to hear that Deep Silver got it, otherwise it might have been cancelled.

gangsta_red1173d ago

Still have to see what it is about this game that will set it apart from others of it's genre but I do love me some co-op.

NobleRed1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Still no battle points and no competitive mp? Epic fail. Really liked the mp in Homefront 1. Extremely disappointed.

Immorals1173d ago

Multiplayer beta in November on xbox, we shall see then!

NobleRed1172d ago

Nope. Beta test for the online co op there's no competitive mp in the game.

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