Sorcerer King Review – Stardock’s Turn Based Game Is Pricey But Worth Every Penny | COG

COG writes: Stardock has an excellent track record when it comes to pumping out stellar turn based games. Sorcerer King is yet another winner managing to deliver a superb TBS experience.

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MercilessDMercer1173d ago

I really have to get my PC up to snuff! This looks great!

Digital_Anomaly1173d ago

I gave up on TBS so long ago. Not sure this is the game to pull me back in quite honestly.

generalwinter1173d ago

This really looks good, I hope my PC can play it

GrapesOfRaf1173d ago

Looks like a lot of fun as long as the crafting doesn't get too tedious or too boring.

MilkMan1173d ago

Nope, not for that price. Cant justify it in any sane fashion. Since there are games 100 times better our there and cheaper.
I've stayed away from this one. Ill pick it up on a real sale. Glad to know its decent.