Vote Now for Your Favorite Indie Developer of IGM

Now that you've experienced last month's deluge of Indie Developer information, and hopefully found out about a game you have never heard of but are now interested in, it's time to vote for the developer you liked the most.

What's that? Why are we voting? Well, if you missed the original announcement, this year we were able to scrounge together $13,500 to give to that one Indie Developer that our users liked the most. That money could go towards continuing development of their game or possibly aiding in continuing to develop their game if it's already used.

So, how do you vote on your favorite Indie Developer? It's simple. Just go to our IGM page at the link below and follow the directions that will pop up when you visit the page.

Not sure which developer you liked the most? Well, take another glance while you're there.

So, get voting!


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Man, was it hard to pick just one, but I had to go with the studio that give me a burning desire (not a sensation) to play their games.
There were a lot of heavy contenders and a lot of great games that I wanted to play right away.
There was also a good variety of genres and that's what you can expect from indie titles...a little bit for everyone.

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