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nX1801d ago

Looks great but I have to say that I expected a bigger graphical jump as it's next-gen exclusive... still can't wait for it, all Souls-games are must-have's for me.

LightofDarkness1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Well, it looks about as good as Bloodborne, I don't know why you would expect much more than that.

I'm only disappointed n a superficial manner. I feel like returning to this proto-gothic, medieval styling after Bloodborne is a step backwards. I'm somewhat tired of the setting, personally. That said, the bosses looked spectacular.

Gazondaily1801d ago

Looks like Bloodborne but better

joab7771801d ago

No. By all accounts it looks just as good as BB. Can't wait.

1801d ago
eyeDEVOUR1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Why you say its an x1 fans advantage?

Edit: you completely changed your statement..

1801d ago
BlackTar1871801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

How is it MS answer to bloodborne when it's also on the ps4? That's not an answer........................ .............................. . .......

It's still an advantage because ps4 has both and this game doesn't replace BB. What a weird thing to say TBH

IIFloodyII1801d ago


So, MS' answer to Bloodborne, is a game that's also on the PS4? That doesn't even make sense using fanboy logic.

1801d ago
Bimkoblerutso1801d ago

I wasn't completely blown away with the graphics in this trailer either, but I've also really come to respect From Software for not following the trend of releasing early footage that inevitably looks nothing like the finished product. It looks to be ABOUT on the same technical level as Bloodborne, in my opinion.

Maybe people just aren't as psyched with this footage because Bloodborne was a completely new art style when it was revealed.

Forn1801d ago

I effing love the trailer. It's everything I was hoping for and more. Can't wait to get consumed by it.

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LAWSON721801d ago

I am watching the show on Xbone and my goodness is the quality bad. These games are not being done justice with this awful compression

nemrawy1801d ago

Yes it is next-gen exclusive but it is not a PS4 exclusive !

eyeDEVOUR1801d ago

Not trying to troll but maybe its because its the xbox version or just bad video quality... Dont remember if they've announced the resolution for both consoles so im not sure...either way it still looks awesome to me..

uth111801d ago

Bloodborne didn't look so good in many trailers either due to compression artifacts. But the game itself looked great.

3-4-51801d ago

I'm not into the Dark Souls series...just doesn't appeal to me, but this game looks decently fun.

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BigBosss1801d ago

Huge fan of the souls game, cant wait for this :D

Blastoise1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

They won me over. It looks pretty great.

I'm hoping they don't run these games into the ground though, and i'm not getting it day one if there's another BS season pass

Heres hoping it's a sort of swan song for Dark souls before they do whatever it is they're gonna do with it :/

joab7771801d ago

He has said it isn't the last souls game.

sigfredod1801d ago

The knight at 1:05 looks identical to the one on the cover of Demons Souls

TWB1801d ago

Thats the fluted armor design I believe and it was in the leaked screenshots too.

I could have sworn my friend said it was in DS2 but IDK, cant find anything about it from google.

Genova841801d ago

Agreed and I thought the cover guy was Ostrava of Boleteria. Can't wait!!!

raWfodog1801d ago

I still have yet to play Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2. But this is looking like more goodness :) I love being a gamer.

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