Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Gets Brand New Screenshots and Box Art

At Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference in Cologne, the house of Xbox just announced the release date of Quantum Break, but that’s not all. We also get a brand new batch of screenshots.

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DarkOcelet1797d ago

I don't know what was wrong with the old Jack Joyce. The new one didn't click with me like the last one did. Hopefully he does a great performance though.

Adexus1797d ago

I'm actually the opposite lol old one didn't click with me but Shawn Ashmore is looking awesome.

Gazondaily1797d ago

Definitely loving the new cast, especially the Game of Thrones baddie!

The game looked INCREDIBLE!

super_bruno1797d ago


Yeah i was surprised to see Littlefinger from Game of Thrones in this game.

breakpad1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

@ Dark Ocelet ..agree ...what they think ? why they replaced the old character model with an actor ..totally least the old one had some artistic value as it was their inspiration

jetlian1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

they changed him for a better real actor is my guess.

Cool thing they showed off is the new powers.

donthate1797d ago

I like the old character better as well. He had a rough, bad guy and bad ass dude look.

The new actor has a more boyish look, that may be more appropriate for the character.

JeffGUNZ1797d ago

@ Adexus. Agreed. Shawn was awesome in The Following and I love how they did it. Before I saw him on stage and heard his voice I said that character looks a lot like Ashmore lol.

AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

So Shawn's the permanent new actor for Jack Joyce? I'm confused because I thought I saw two different actors on screen.

This is probably why this games taking longer than expected. They through out the old actor and found a better one. Remedy is known to make a complete 180, right in middle developing their games lol only remedy can do something like that and still deliver on a promising game.

4Sh0w1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Cool. I like the new powers and all the action going on, then FULL STOP, walk around investigating the event about to unfold, plus you can change things, deep story= it all looks great too and gameplay is so imteresting.

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OpieWinston1797d ago

Shawn Ashmore is a talented actor.

He brings a lot more life to the character via the show and game.

Have you ever seen X-men(Iceman) or The Following? This role is perfect for him.

christocolus1797d ago

Yeah he is talented.He was the one in the x-men movies right? and i think i prefer his character too. He is also a twin. His brother "Aaron Ashmore" is pretty talented too.He is one of the main characters on scifi's "Killjoys" fullcredits/

OpieWinston1797d ago

Yep Aaron Ashmore is amazing in Killjoys... It's a great show.

Shawn Ashmore is in most of the main X-men movies including Days of Future Past... He plays Iceman.

QB is the perfect game for me since I'm a huge TV junkie.

AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Heres hoping Shawn Ashmore doesn't give a boring performance like the guy who played Aiden Pierce from WD Peter's Ghost voice acting, or Connor from AC 3.

There's been allot terrible performances in games story driven games lately. But some good ones like Uncharted, TLOUS, TR, Kevin Spacey COD, Halo 4 and even Halo 5 looks like will have some decent actors in it.

If I'm gonna play a story driven game I wanna see some great acting, period.

Genuine-User1797d ago

Maybe his voice-over wasn't up to Remedy's standard?

I don't mind the switch.

lemoncake1797d ago

They obviously got a good budget increase so were able to go for some decent named actors for the TV series section, hence the change in character model.

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quaneylfc1797d ago Show
Tedakin1797d ago

Weird how they completely changed Jack Joyce and put in Shawn Ashmore. I like Shawn Ashmore fine, just odd to me such a drastic update would happen like that.

OpieWinston1797d ago

That Box Art is Epic.
Still my most anticipated game and I finally got a date!

christocolus1797d ago

Opie 2016 is gonna be awesome.

Cant wait to play Quantum Break. This game looks amazing.

OpieWinston1797d ago

Scalebound/Recore/Sea of Thieves/Quantum Break/POSSIBLY Crackdown(Beta confirmed for 2016)

And now Halo Wars 2......

I couldn't be more pumped.....

My body is Reggie. Even the salty hate I saw on youtube videos after the stream isn't putting me down.

1797d ago
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