FlOw and Flower mistakenly free on UK Playstation Store for PS+ subscribers?

Dealspwn: If there is one thing we like more that a cheap gaming deal here at Dealspwn, it's a freebie. Three titles are currently showing as free for gamers on the Playstation Network. FlOw, Flower and Woah Dave!

flOw (PS3/PS4/PSVita) - Free
Flower (Playstation 3) - Free
Woah Dave! (PS4/PSVita)

We see many claims of free titles on the Playstation Network over the course of the year but these current three titles are all verified on their respective listing pages 'to save 100%'. However...

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DarkLordMalik1798d ago

These titles were being offered as alternatives to God of War: Ascension and Tomb Raider (?) in some select regions. Not a mistake.

Whoa Dave is cross buy.

BuzzDuraband1798d ago

The intended region for both FlOw and Flower are Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Both titles are showing up on the UK PSN Store as entries to the Instant Game Collection which is currently boosting this month's offerings by two.

IIFloodyII1798d ago

The mistake is they're available in all of Europe though, not just the few they should be.

dwightschrute1797d ago

I just grabbed Flow & Whoa Dave off the Australian store but unfortunately Flower wasn't free

BitbyDeath1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Yep same for me, Flower was the only one I was tempted to download too.

Fil1011797d ago

Ad far as I was aware flow has always been free on ps4 since ps4 was released here in the uk not sure if thats because I purchasdd it on ps3.

shadowvisa1797d ago

yes it is because of that =P

RosweeSon1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Yeah all 3 flow, flower and journey are cross buy so one copy gets you a copy for every Sony platform the game is on, bargain really.
However I already had a copy of all 3 from the PS3 but couldn't see a free Flower but there is defo a version of Flow up that's showing as 100% free (has a little sticker? On the icon for the game) worth a look tho if you don't already own a copy.

Fil1011797d ago

Somebody commented on the actual article page and said it doesn't show up free untill u click buy or something like that. I cannot confirm this as I myself never purchased flower on ps3.

Toiletsteak1797d ago

I managed to grab FlOw, i rushed on because i wanted Flower but it isn't free.