"Don't Like it, want it or need it? Refund it" STEAM Policy proved to be true

The service is completely based on no-questions asked refund policy, as long as you have the receipt. Consider you don't like the game, or it doesn't meet your hardware requirements.

Remember when you used to rent a game dvd to test it out on your pc or x box, and if you didn't like what it had to offer or didn't run, you could just simply return it or get another one that does.

Well, up until now you had no such online services, but guess what? Call it a marketing strategy or just a method to come closer to their customers, but Steam Online digital store now provides complete refund service on almost all kinds of items bought from the online store.

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lemoncake1804d ago

old news but I wish others did this, nice feature.

digitfreakbot1804d ago

Yes, it is old but I found it worth sharing. :)

Dynasty20211804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Old or not, it's the biggest news in PC gaming since...I cant even remember.

It changes EVERYTHING.

Goodbye to cruddy, 3rd party ports. Goodbye to unacceptable ports in general. Publishers have to wake up and make decent PC versions again, because when you do make a good PC version, it sells well.

"There's no money in PC gaming"

Console trolls will troll.

Cities Skyline sold more than The Order 1886 AND Bloodborne COMBINED. Bloodborned sold 1 million. Order 1886 didn't reach that.

Cities sold over 2 million in less than a week.

Skyrim on PC sold over 5 million copies at release. Most console publishers can only dream of those figures.

Steam is a massive influence on the industry no matter what you say or troll.

There is plenty of money in PC games, and you cant use today's shoddy releases as an excuse for poor sales.

PC gaming is stronger than ever - in the last year alone, we've had two of arguably the GREATEST RPGs ever made in Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity.

You can't scoff PC gaming, we have fantastic exclusives.

Giru0171805d ago

One of the best and most under appreciated features of this gaming gen. With rubbish releases like AC:Unity and Arkham Knight, this feature gives us the best of both worlds: The ability to pre-order games we wish to support as well as the chance to opt out if we were lied to as for what these products would be.

Can't run it? It may not always be you or your systems fault if a dev did a poor optimization job. This is sure to raise the bar for release quality and I hope XBL and PSN follow suit with this amazing consumer empowerment.

Gwiz1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

More like overrated lol,it took them 10 years to implement a consumer-friendly occurrence.It still has its flaws with games that are not refundable that come with GPU bundles," You got it for free "well think again both ends received benefits from that and you're stuck with the so-called DEAL.Nah DD still has many flaws as are it's distributive platforms.

LightofDarkness1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Why should they be expected to refund you for GPU bundled games? You didn't pay Valve for that, you paid the GPU vendor, who bought the license from the publisher (i.e., not Valve). Valve are gracious enough to allow you to activate it via Steam, but that doesn't mean they're liable because you wanted a different game.

This is the same as buying it from Gamestop or and asking for a refund. You didn't buy it on Steam, so it's not Valve's problem. Take it up with the person who sold it to you.

Baka-akaB1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Overrated ? WTF , where else do you even get that policy ?

And how many GPU bundles do you keep buying for it to be an issue for you ? You should be getting one or two in the span of 3 years usually

1804d ago
porkChop1804d ago

Yes, Valve should totally refund you for games that you didn't buy from them because that makes complete sense.

Mikeyy1804d ago

How is steam responsible for a product that was bundled in a piece of hardware from another company?

You heard it here first folks. According to Gwiz Sony is responsible for Refunding xbox games you didn't like.

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