Are We Overreacting to the Rock Band 4 Tracklist? | Music Monday

Jake Valentine from The Game Fanatics writes: "A sample of the Rock Band 4 tracklist is on display on the Rock Band 4 website. Part of the “issue” with doing yet another Rock Band title is the fact that some of our most wanted songs already exist in the game. In addition to the three physical releases, plus off-shoots and over a thousand DLC releases, the chances of one of your faves already being in the game are pretty high."

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WilliamSheridan1801d ago

I think it is impossible for this game series to ever have a sound track that appeals to a large audience. They seem to be just trying to get 2 or 3 songs that appeal to each group, and let you bit the rest. I dint blame them, there is just too much music in the world to get everyone on one set list.

Hercules1891801d ago

it would be great to give attention to lesser known bands. a great example would be Glass Harp, just search for can you see me circa 72 plenty of great drum and guitar solos.

addictedtochaos1801d ago

Just give me some Fear Factory and I'll be happy.

Deathnote1281800d ago

Horrible music announced so far. :(