Sony's Got Some Good Stuff Lined Up for Gamescom 2015

Push Square: "It's a bit of a weird week here at Push Square Towers to be honest. We're on red alert ahead of Gamescom 2015, but with the curtain literally just closing on E3 2015, we're not quite sure how busy we're going to be. Furthering our uncertainty is the fact that Sony's delayed its annual European press conference until October, where it'll be held during Paris Games Week instead."

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FallenAngel19841802d ago

Finally an article that's gets it. Sony will still have a presence despite no conference and 3rd party's will still have PS4 content at Gamescom.

Everyone has been blowing everything out of proportion. Nobody even comments on Nintendo and Wii U's complete absence at the event.

donthate1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Nintendo's complete absent is usual and the vast majority are no longer interested in even hearing what Nintendo has to show right now. E3 was terrible for Nintendo.

"Sony will still have a presence despite no conference and 3rd party's will still have PS4 content at Gamescom."

That is fine, but Sony isn't there to announce anything new. We will have to wait for that, and unfortunately I think anything Sony announces moving forward is likely to be far into the future considering E3 was about 2-3 years forward with FF VII remake and Shenmue 3.

I did get excited about Horizon being a 2016 title though so we will see.

gangsta_red1802d ago

Really looking forward to seeing what Horizons is about. I'm hoping to get a lot of info for that game.

AngelicIceDiamond1802d ago

I really wanna see more of Horizon as well. Games beautiful on top of great looking gameplay.

Lucreto1802d ago

Ha, Fred responded to my comment and that is the basis for the article.

AudioEppa1802d ago

Leading up to this week a lot of articles and by looks of it a few people here on N4G + other places are spotlighting Microsoft's press conferenc as if it will/could be the event that changes everything with our console popularity war. But it would be kinda funny if Sony was to somehow have more talked about news without even having a press conference.

Volkama1802d ago

Price drop. Fans go wild (despite having no need to buy another console).

Though October sounds like a pretty good time for a price drop too. Hmm.

jb2271802d ago

No Man's Sky is out now, during the week of Gamescom. That would guarantee a Sony win w/o even having to hold a conference. Happened with P.T. last year, so I could definitely see them keeping that trend alive...if not NMS then possibly Rime or one of the other nebulous "2015" releases.

AudioEppa1802d ago

I didn't like how you started... but I love how you ended

I really wanna play Rime

isarai1802d ago

I think the RIME version is actually very likely, They've already said the game is pretty much done but sony has "a master plan" which is why they haven't talked about a release date. also seeing their proximity to the event also increases its likelihood

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