PS Now Subscription Coming to PS Vita, August Lineup Detailed

By James Martin: "I’m excited to share that, starting tomorrow, you’ll have even more ways to enjoy the 125+ games in the PlayStation Now game streaming subscription, with the addition of PS Vita and PS TV support. Also this month there are five new titles joining the ever-expanding library of PS Now games, including the award-winning God of War III, along with Dynasty Warriors 8, MX vs. ATV Supercross, Bomberman Ultra, and The Last Guy"

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uth111802d ago

I thought it was already on Vita/PS TV?

gokuking1802d ago

The a la carte rental service has been on Vita/PSTV since October, but this is the first time the subscription and trial service is coming to those machines. IIRC if you had a sub from PS4/PS3 you could carry it over to Vita before now.

FallenAngel19841802d ago

The PSTV just became a lot more useful

ABizzel11802d ago

Exactly what I was coming here to say. They need to sell a PS4 + PSTV bundles with a sub for $399 (I believe we'll see price drop this year for the PS4, even if it's a temporary one)

ocelot071802d ago

Here in the UK over the past few weeks a few retailers have been selling PS TV and PS4 bundles for less than £299. GameStop was selling the new 1TB with a free PS TV for £279.99 (about $399) last week.

miyamoto1801d ago

I really want the PlayStation Now brand to transcend the limitations of hardware and occupy every software platform known to mankind. Be the premium game service company be it for consoles, handhelds, TV, smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, desktop computers, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux.

Skate-AK1801d ago

No doubt it will. Sony has big plans for PS Now.

SoapShoes1802d ago

This is great for Vita. I love playing PS3 games on the go.

PoSTedUP1801d ago

Oh Yeah, like a dream come true. i want more ps2 games on there. had a month long marathon of warhawk and the game still holds up, been having a lot of fun.

Youngindy211802d ago

FINALLY. I'm not sure what took so long but PS4 has had this for a while now. I wasn't really trying to pay a la carte. Guess I will have to play my PS Vita some more now.

Shazz1802d ago

Having PS now on pstv would make it mega useful for me. Streaming isn't good at all even wired which is annoying.

XisThatKid1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

No problems here on wired and pretty good on Wi-Fi. Cab even play fighters.
Vita works pretty good on public connection for remote play. Wired on my PS3 and wifi for PS4 has given me little issues since launch. I'm going to be switching the PS3 to wifi and PS4 to wired today so this is good news

Shazz1801d ago

I'm only on 16 meg so mite be that , streaming to laptop for Xbox is perfect and no lag at all so not sure why I keep getting crackles and break ups on vita tv

Skate-AK1801d ago

Yeah you should wire your PS4. Thats how I have mine, wired PS4 WiFi PS3. The WiFi card in the PS4 isn't that great I have read. Pretty sure PS3s is better.

Skate-AK1801d ago

16mb/s should be enough. Worked for me when I only had 18. I haven't tried PSTV though, I was using PS Now through my PS3.

PoSTedUP1801d ago

i have about 14-15 and streams great on vita, maybe a stutter every hour or two, other than that its very smooth and responsive.