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A look at the very strong showing Xbox and Microsoft have for us tomorrow at Gamescom, looking at what we know is coming, what there could be more of and what new games we may see.

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Automatic791330d ago

I agree Xbox lineup s very strong. Love 2015 and 2016.

allskill771330d ago

I own both systems (XBOX one & PS4) and I been very disappointed at XBOX. I been very happy with ps4 and there line up every month. I have not bought a game on Xbox since Halo re-master and the next game with be gears re-master. When I did buy XBOX I was excite that they would have different games then ps4. Like Ryse. I hope they start pushing more titles soon. XBOX is a great system. But PS4 has the edge right now by gaming. With Windows 10 coming out this could be huge for XBOX this coming year. Time will tell

lelo2play1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Hummm, ok.

Well, I have a PS4 and PC (don't have a X1)... haven't bought a PS4 game since ... dam, it's been long.
I'm not joking. A friend lend me The Order and Driveclub, but I haven't purchased a PS4 game for more then a year. Next PS4 game I'll get will be Uncharted 4, next year. PS4 quality exclusives are lacking, big time.

Death1330d ago

Give Bloodborne a shot. It's a bit on the difficult side, but still very good. Driveclub can be had fairly cheap and is worth owning too. The Uncharted Collection will have access to the new Uncharted's multiplayer. That's the next game on my must have list for my PS4. As a multiconsole owner I've been a bit disappointed as far as PS4 exclusives go, but I'm in the minority since I game primarily on an Xbox One. If you only have a PS4 it's been a great console to have. Single console owners with a PS4 or Xbox One are surely having a blast, but owning both is better. :)

ABizzel11330d ago

I own both as well, and I haven't been blown away by either.

That being said if you've always been a fan of Xbox then their line-up is already great for their fans. Personally I only like Forza and Gears from their normal roundup (Halo / Forza / Fable / Gears). Crackdown is solid to me (not a must buy, for me personally, but I can see why people like it). But I'm looking forward to Quantum Break and Scalebound.

Sony has been very slow with their games, but after seeing what their first party games look like (Uncharted 4 / Horizon), and if all of their devs are pushing the envelope to the same limit then I understand why.

Both are good consoles with good games on them, and great games to come.

ninsigma1330d ago

Next big new one will be quantum break. Shame it got moved to next year though. Looks like it will a good one!

jokerisalive1330d ago

Is anybody else wondering like me if the new Crackdown will be an 'Online Only' game due to the fact it has been said to be using Cloud Tech for the engine that will allow for environmental destruction. If it online only then I am not going to be as excited as before. The first game was one of my favorite games of all time and wasnt hampered by online connectivity. I like a game I can play if I choose to offline whenever I want. I have been so excited for the new Crackdown but I wonder if it will be online only. Anyone else have an idea on this?