Splatoon’s Gyro Controls Should Be In More Games

When the public finally got their hands on Splatoon with the Splatoon Global Testfires, the vast majority of players experienced the gyroscope controls for the first time.

For many it was disorienting at first, and I’m sure plenty of people initially turned the gyro controls off as soon as they knew how. Those that stuck with them through initial learning curve will attest that they eventually click and it feels too good to go back to twin stick shooting.

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kangolkyle1806d ago

For about a week afterwards when I'd get on my PS3 to play an FPS, I'd try to aim by tilting the controller. Sony really should've put more into developing sixaxis, but yeah, at any rate gyro controls are goddamn fantastic and the Wii U could've really set a standard had more people supported it

PlebeGamer1806d ago

Well Sony can try to push for it as an optional control scheme for FPS games on their console. It'd give even more reason to own a PS4 over an XB1, but I doubt Activision or EA would bother to do it unless they thought the other was going to.

MNGamer-N1806d ago

I don't like it. I turned it off in my controls, and use regular stick controls.

PlebeGamer1806d ago

And that's fair, nobody's forcing you to be the best you can be. The majority of Splatoon's players enjoy them though, and seeing them in more games would be awesome.

MNGamer-N1806d ago

Don't the motion controls get all screwed up and you have to reset the gyro all the time?

Maybe I should give it a second chance. I am one who shut it off right away.

N4g_null1805d ago

MN gamer I actually use both. Sticks for certain turns and gyros when I need pin point accuracy. I still like ir aiming better but this is better than just sticks to me. The fighting is so much more ferocious because of it.

JacketsNest1011803d ago


As stated in the article, the gyros are only used for small lateral adjustments, vertical adjustments, and quick turns (less so on the quick turns). You are taught by the game to use the right stick when you need to make large turns. For example, I use gyro controls, but I almost never use them for lateral movement. For the most part my thumb is on the right stick at all times unless I need to jump. I still need to work on the jump aiming, but I do pretty well with how I control in now.

PlebeGamer1806d ago

If you overact with the game pad, the gyro controls do come off center a bit, but a simple press of the button reassigns them. They can also become incorrect if you move the game pad out of your desired center position when your character respawns, but it is again instantly corrected with a simple tap of the Y button.

During actual game play, the controls will not off center when used correctly.