Here's the First 15 Minutes of Submerged in 1080p & 60fps

OnlySP: If you're interested in checking out Submerged by Uppercut Games, but want to see the gameplay first, look no further.

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OhMyGandhi1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I was initially interested by the game's concept, and some of the screenshots, but after watching that video...What the hell happened?

The game doesn't look horrible, but It just didn't pull me in. I don't care how many piano medleys they hammer into the players eardrums, or how many worried expressions you paint onto the lead character's face, or the fact that she is holding ( I think) her little brother, I am not emotionally attached to anything at this point.

What's the selling feature of this game?
you sail a boat around, and climb up delipidated structures to access beacons to unlock goodies...And that's it?

I understand this game is made by a small team of people. But these aren't novices. These are a seasoned group of developers putting this out there.

Oh, and it takes balls to have these immaculate pans and zooms of foliage and water effects - they are not that impressive guys.

and before anyone gives me the whole "it's 15 minutes, how you could have made up your mind so quickly?"

The first 15 minutes of Limbo, Braid, Kentucky Route Zero, IloMilo, Machinarium, Journey, Flower, Axiom Verge, Pixel the Cat, The Graveyard, HOME, and many others have incredible openings, that propelled the gamer forward, leaving enough to the imagination, and not resulting in the gamer making the sudden realization that they had seen the core gameplay loop from start to finish, from failure to success without recourse, ultimately fearing that the game could become repetitive.

Wingsfan241804d ago

First impressions always matter. I haven't finished the game myself, but it's really supposed to be just a lighthearted somber experience for the player. Kind of a conundrum there, but that's what they were going for. You should read our review to get a better idea of what the game really entails though.

OhMyGandhi1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I just read your review and it was incredibly well written.

But you have to admit, I was pretty spot on in my perception of the game, having only seen this footage and nothing else.

edit: and after doing a bit of research, even destructoid's review of the game hit the same notes I feared, "Within under ten minutes time you'll have experienced all the game has to offer; boring boating, equally dull scaling of buildings and peering out a periscope to find the next white and green building to climb. There is no failstate, no urgency, no combat, just moving from point to point and monotonously collecting sh*t. The story isn't interesting, the gameplay is boring, everything looks the same aside from a few landmarks, and the whole ordeal is over in no time."

Wingsfan241804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Yea, I haven't finished the game yet myself (didn't write the review, one of my writers did) and it's a game that you really need to take for what it is, and not what it isn't. We have a full interview on the site with the developers explaining what they're going for. It's linked within the review I believe, if not here's a link -

Basically, according to the interview they achieved what they wanted to with the game. Is it worth $20? Probably not, I'd say if you want to try it at all, wait for it to be around $10.

That Destructoid review basically went into the game with no prior knowledge of what it's supposed to be, so I personally think, with knowing more about the game beforehand, it's way way too critical. But, then again most people probably know very little about the game and that's the thought process they might go into it with.

Grown Folks Talk1804d ago

Better suited at $9.99 than $19.99?

Vitalogy1804d ago

I have to say I was really interested as I like this kind of relaxing games but this is ps2 graphics o.O

OhMyGandhi1804d ago

So destructoid went in with no real knowledge of the game or what to expect, and came out disappointed.

The game should sell itself on its own merits without requiring the player to do his/her research beforehand.

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chris13gt1804d ago

20$ for a 2 hours game?!!!