Microsoft on Xbox One Elite controller's innovation, support for base controller

At E3 2015, Microsoft revealed a load of new innovations for the Xbox One and among them was a brand-new, top-shelf Xbox One controller called the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. The device will be available this coming October and will have a host of a new customizations for gamers such as interchangeable paddles, thumbsticks and more.

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t-hall7851807d ago

Not an "elite" gamer...but you can still count me in.

RuleNumber51807d ago

Same, I've been saving, I'm in!

1807d ago
XSpike1807d ago

Awesome controller but should of been shipped with the console originally as now them extra buttons are just optional as the games still need to 100% functionality with the old controller.

Still awesome to have, would be great/better on PC also

SaveFerris1807d ago

That would've pushed the price of the console up even more (including the Kinect). Great of MS to develop this for those that want the option.

Kiwi661807d ago

Why do people always say it should've been out day one , have you not thought that maybe it was still in r&d

KwietStorm1807d ago

Then it would've been even more expensive than it was when Kinect was still bundled. And yes, the extra paddles are optional. That's the whole point. You're not adding more buttons than the game is programmed to use. You're adding programmable buttons that allow you to keep your thumbs on the sticks, and basically be more efficient. This is something Scuf gaming has been doing for years, and really it's kind of sad that the basic design philosophy of game controllers has been stagnant for so long. Games have gotten more and more complex with more and more functions, but controllers have the same amount of buttons and same sticks, all on the front, without the option to remap them, until very recently.

TheColbertinator1807d ago

Come on Black Friday,get me a couple of those for less than a Benjie

KwietStorm1807d ago

I'm just saying I wouldn't expect to get over $200 off, but good luck

ScorpiusX1807d ago

Can't wait get a hold of my Pre ordered one . The wait is painful.

Rob Hornecker1807d ago

I just pre-ordered mine as a package deal off Amazon. It includes Halo 5 C.E. and star wars battlefront DEluxe edition with free shipping for $ 320.00.

StrayaKNT1807d ago

Same! killer instinct is calling my name lol

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