Exist Archive’s Teaser Trailer Shows Its Battle System And Giant Swords

Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace’s collaboration title Exist Archive gets its first teaser trailer, which shows off some of its dungeon exploring and battle system that plays like Valkyrie Profile.

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ShugaCane2685d ago

It looks equally weird and fascinating. The character design will not be appreciated by everyone but it's unique, for sure. Same goes for the art style which is utterly amazing.

The game is like a mix of Gravity Rush, Valkyrie Profile, with some RPG elements. That is definitely not a bad thing ! I can't wait to see more of it. I really enjoyed what I saw in this video.

Fullmetalevolust2685d ago

I grow eager and excited to see more gameplay footage and to hear what the story is all about.
I like the aesthetics and I hope it makes its way westward.

leahcim2685d ago

Fabulous simply fabulous

newown2685d ago

Anything tri-Ace is something I should definitely get!!
I just hope they westernize most of their games!