Kojima Shows Bloody Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Test Shots From Hell

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has taken to twitter to show off some bloody hellish shots of Metal Gear Solid V; The Phantom Pain.

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spacedelete1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

i hope people boycott this game. Kojima has got his money and he won't get any money from the game sales so if you buy MGSV your putting your money straight into those scumbags at Konami's pockets. dont use the excuse you won't buy any other Konami game after buying MGSV as Konami's focus will be on mobile games and it will be too late. i doubt Konami will ever make a big budget game again so if you want to hit Konami where it hurts boycott MGSV.

RowdyNeil1799d ago

Ohh so screw his production team and how much money they could make, right?

EinRobot1799d ago

Whatever dude, it's Kojima masterpiece and the end of a 30 year epic. Metal gear was the first game I ever beat as a kid. There is no way I am missing the final game.

tracyllrkn1799d ago

Nah, I won't miss out on 2015's GOTY.

Gatsu1799d ago

Dude, shut up. Boycott if you want, but let us others enjoy this last MGS masterpiece that Kojima and his team worked hard years for.

spacedelete1799d ago

so you want to reward Konami for how they have treated him and other employees ? at the very least buy a used copy so you can still enjoy it and not giving Konami any money.

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ape0071799d ago

you deny yourself a masterpiece just for stuff behind the scenes??

that's a bad way to live

burza19821799d ago

You completely don't know what you talking about. Get lost mate!
Boycottnig this game - you are boycotting Kojima not Konami. Kojima puts his heart into this game, he did so much for us to play it, that much, that he been fired for this reason. You think Kojima care about money? You know nothing. Kojima only care about making masterpiece game for us, not money. This is man with passion not money grab twit. He already proved.
This game is his goodbye with the greatest video game series ever made.

I will Boycott Konami later, not know.

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quenomamen1798d ago

Nothing says you're in hell like a pair of blood soaked boobs that point straight up.