Naruto Storm 4: Boruto vs Sarada Screenshots

The next generation will be represented in Naruto Storm 4 through Boruto and Sarada.

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Eterna1Ice1799d ago

Internet must be a nightmare for Naruto's anime followers these days.

chaos9991799d ago

they are making a tons of money with these games.

keep adding new characters and release 'em

Viryu1799d ago

I'm up to date with the manga, and ehh, I kinda don't understand Boruto's moves at all. He can't spam Shadow Clone technique like that, because he's not supercharged with Kyubi's chakra. And learning Rasengan at such a young age? Lack of responsibility by Naruto, shame on him. Teacihng his son such powerful secret techniques, what kind of a father is he?!