Ready for the next World of Warcraft expansion?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Warlords of Draenor is not even one year old, and Blizzard is already announcing the next expansion for World of Warcraft.

With every expansion, it feels like Blizzard cares more about the revenue they'll make from fans than about delivering content fans want."

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Sillicur1800d ago

I wonder if this time it will finally be a burning legion themed expansion or something about QUeen azhara

Magicite1800d ago

I want to kill sargeras!

HoldenZA1800d ago

This could spell the end of the world.......of warcraft

HanCilliers1800d ago

Not what the numbers say.

SonZeRo1800d ago

Unlikely to kill WoW, If Warlords didn't kill it then I don't think it will die soon. Blizz said awhile ago already that they wanted to start rolling out Expansions more. I switched off my WoW and I'm wondering if I will ever go back with how horrible it is these days.

just_looken1800d ago

If its like the article screenshot were cats start the Apocalypse and we must fight them im in ha ha.

Seriously that article pic 5/5

PaulFiend1800d ago

Lol @ that news picture!

Summons751800d ago

Why not just take the time to make WoW 2. 1) They could make it like the fans want, 2) They could have better graphics and a better looking game than something that's what 12 years old now? and more importantly 3) They could give the game new controls and get rid of the outdated and archaic "Mash 1-9" hotbar gameplay and give it a realtime combat system and voice acting. Blizzard is clinging onto a dream thinking new expansions will keep the game alive. Subs are going down faster every year and old fans complain non-stop about every new expansion. It's time to let this game go and make a sequel or something.

HanCilliers1800d ago

Now that's something I've never even thought abt. WoW 2...that would be interesting, and they can make better graphics.

SonZeRo1800d ago

If they made WoW with realtime combat I wouldn't touch it with a 100foot pole. I've played enough of these realtime combat mmorpg's to know I hate the crap out of it, realtime combat as a tank with 160ms latency is not fun. I really don't use the use behind WoW 2 as the story has been played out, Lore is being wrecked beyond belief(its theirs, they can do with it what they want) but i really don't see WoW 2 being anything other than either a clone or having nothing to d with WoW apart from its name aka World War Z.