Nintendo on the challenges of making amiibo, shows how they’re tested for safety and reliability

The Nintendo CSR Report 2015 was recently published. In the digest version, there’s a big focus on amiibo, including a few interviews.

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Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1805d ago

Someone please help me to understand the appeal of these toys? And how this isn't a comparatively expensive gimmick that could have easily been replicated via inexpensive electronic playing cards?

ExplodingJuice1805d ago

Easy answer. I actually answered someone else's question the same way. For most people its not about actually playing with them. Its about having an officially licensed Nintendo figure of a character who would NEVER see the light of day otherwise. Characters like Palutena for example. Olimar, Little Mac and Wii Fit Trainer would never see a figure made in their likeness until Amiibos came along.

Personally I do not open mine at all. They are hanging on my wall going around my room alphabetically. It just looks awesome. ou will not get the same feel with a bunch of cards.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1805d ago

Thanks. Still though, wouldn't they save more money as cards? For collectors like you who don't want to scuff the painy on them, wouldn't it be better to be able to keep it in mint condition while being given a bonus playing catd of the same character so u can still enjoy the dlc bonuses without physically handling the figure? I'm just wondering why they would tie such an important feature to figures that are knda rare and thus won't be used as much (since people may want to preserve the item in it's original packaging).

Didn't they used to have a card reader for the game boy?

donthate1805d ago

Skylander also with figurines and stuff is hugely popular with the kids, so it is not just collectors.

marloc_x1805d ago

For the initial cost, they function in many games and content is growing.

..the cards are a reality as well;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1805d ago

Oh lord...if that picture above is right, then Mario's mustache and nose are a whole separate piece...
The horror...
What has been seen, cannot be un-seen...