Will Sony's Lack of a Conference Matter at Gamescom Next Week?

"Gamescom begins next week in Cologne. In recent years, the event has earned something of a reputation as the European E3, with major announcements from Sony, Microsoft and various third parties making the headlines. Indeed, last year's event drew in 335,000 attendees versus E3's 48,900 – a fact closely associated with its open-doors policy regarding public entry. It's a large event, and being so close to the hectic winter release window, Gamescom is a big deal in the industry. It seems strange, then, that Sony won't be delivering a conference at this year's event, leaving the floor open for Microsoft to capitalize. Is this a dangerous move on Sony's part? There's a lot to consider before this question can be answered. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Abash1797d ago

They're at Gamescom, they just moved the conference to Paris Games week on October 27th

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MasterCornholio1797d ago

Yep that's basically what they did. Plus they have TGS and (hopefully) PSX as well.

grumpygamr1797d ago

Looks like they have the biggest booth. So they are representing that way.

Jayszen1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Mastercornholio - with both Paris and Tokyo, it may not even be necessary for Sony to have a PSX this year although it would be a bonus if it did but perhaps the money would be better spent elsewhere as TGS is so near a possible PSX.

Xbox fanboys can't miss an opportunity to try and besmirch Sony! So they are not showing at Gamescom, so what? Sony has already said they will be focussing on the Tokyo and Paris shows, and in any case, Sony has the biggest presence on the floor at Gamescom so all those 300,000 plus visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy Morpheus and other goodies first hand.

Just enjoy what your console of choice is offering and stop trying to compete on every one of these articles.

Aceman181797d ago

nope the lack of a presser will not matter, they'll still be there with the huge amount of booths to showcase games there.

like others have said they decided to have one at the Paris Games week. they also have TGS, and their own PS Experience later this year.

them not decided to do a presser for Gamescom will not ruin, nor slowdown what they've accomplished throughout Europe this gen.

WowSoChill1797d ago

Seems like Sony doesn't have anything to show, if they did they would be having a public conference like Xbox is doing

SoapShoes1797d ago

Except they have more conferences than MS. Lol

grumpygamr1797d ago

Weird, they have a huge booth for showing nothing. Oh wait, Xbox Fanboys showing their ignorance again. Did you find that extra graphics chip yet.

tinynuggins1797d ago

I would rather sony skip gamescom if they don't have anything to show. A rehash of e3 would be worse than a no show in my opinion. They probably needed that extra 4 months to polish some games. I say give it to them.

ZhugeEX1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The real question that needs to be asked isn't about Sony. It's about whether Microsoft's show will be a success in:

1. It's own right
2. Encouraging purchases of Xbox hardware and software in the European market.

Sony have chosen not to hold a conference this year at Gamescom in favour of Paris games week. They will still be showing games at Gamescom though. The mainland European market has always been dominated by the PlayStation brand and the games being shown to the gamers there are already well documented.

As above, the ball is really in Microsoft's court who have lost a lot of ground this generation in Europe. They need to ensure that what they show is received well by the audience there and that is translated into revenue for the Xbox business.

Looking on a global scale the Microsoft press conference will also be interesting to watch as new information will come out that will influence the US market as well. Sony don't need to "counter" as such for this market as they are already the cumulative sales leader in the US by units and tie ratio. Paris game week, coupled with PSX in December is more than enough for Sony to demonstrate the software and services they have to the global market.

morganfell1797d ago

In addition, the globalization of TGS combined with a resurgence in the prominence of Japanese developers, will add to the manifestation of Sony's current and future worlwide offerings.

ZhugeEX1797d ago

Yup, this TGS is shaping up to be the best yet thanks to a resurgence in Japanese developers taking a multi platform approach to development across Console, PC and Mobile.

I can't wait for the show to start as some of my favourite games are from Japanese developers so this is something I'm certainly looking forward to.

TGS is becoming more and more important on a global scale as Japanese publishers target Western markets as evidenced by recent game announcements, interviews and.... well the state of the Japanese market itself haha.

Azzanation1797d ago

There's a difference between attenting and having a Media conference

TheRedButterfly1797d ago

A big difference that a lot of people are attempting to ignore and/or underplay.

Having demos on the show floor are nice for people who are going hands-on, but if you're a Sony fan, and you're /not/ in Cologne in 36hrs, you're SOL.

Ron_Danger1796d ago


Yeah... If only there was some device we could all use to watch videos and read articles about what is happening there. Too bad it's 1983 and we all have to sit at home and wonder what's going on..


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SpaceRanger1797d ago

How is Sony skipping an event that they're at?

LaWiiG1797d ago

I thought they aren't going to announce anything there. Just games?

Relientk771797d ago

Idk but it sounds impressive

PC_601797d ago

Did you even read the article title?

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

*Face against wall*

How can these people call themselves journalists if they can't even get their damn info correct?

Sony will be there they just won't have a conference.They have the biggest space room.So yea...

PC_601797d ago

Are you a bit special? or did you not read the actual title of the article?

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

This wasn't the title when I originally made the comment they changed it.

TheGreatGamer1797d ago

Yes they have booths but what does that do for the millions of people not there? Nothing. Not sure how far the lack of a conference will hurt them (if at all) but it's definitely a big benefit for MS

MasterCornholio1797d ago

Well those millions of people will just have to watch the conference in October.

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TheGreatGamer1797d ago

The damage control is in full force here. If you deny that Sony's lack of a conference is a boost (whether big or small) for MS then you are lying to yourself. And for what? A plastic box

KwietStorm1797d ago

Nothing is that automatic. If Microsoft went and had an underwhelming show, then what is to be said of any boost? Sony not having a conference doesn't just make Microsoft's showing good. It just puts the spotlight on them.

ABizzel11797d ago

Sony not having a show is no boost to MS. The boost to MS is having a show with good footage of their games and good content.

We all know Sony is having a conference at PGW & TGS, meanwhile at best MS will have small booths at both shows, does that destroy or hurt MS and the Xbox, No.

OB1Biker1797d ago

Dont be so dramatic. :)
The only boost Ms can give to xbox is from their own showing and conference, on their own merits, not from any thing the competition do or not do. And thats said with respect for them.

JMyers1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

You do know that Sony's conference will be at Paris Games Week right? Will MS not having one here hurt them? Here's one ... MS has little or no presence at TGS and how about their own PSX? Sony has more conferences and briefings throughout the year, not to mention twice as much floor space at Gamescom. MS didn't always have a Gamescom conference you know? It may boost sales in that week or month, but Europe is Sony land. In some places sales are 3:1 and 4:1 in favour of PS4.

Jayszen1796d ago

So by your standards, the fact that Microsoft is skipping Tokyo and not showing at Paris is a double boost to Sony and the better looking, svelt but more powerful plastic box.

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Automatic791797d ago

Well said @TheGreatGamer bubble up for you

Also I wonder if it was the other way around and MS was not there would all the people commenting above would be so forgiving or should I say make excuses.

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

*Also I wonder if it was the other way around and MS was not there would all the people commenting above would be so forgiving or should I say make excuses.

If they were skipping it and saving it for another show like SOny is.Then yes It wouldnt matter cuz they would still be showing stuff at a later date.But if it was the case like MS totally skipping a conference like TGS then yes that is unforgiving.

JMyers1797d ago

MS did not always have a stage show at Gamescom. Europe never really was a focus in the 360 era. It is now though because thr gap is so large. Sony will have a conference at Paris Games Week, TGS and possibly PSX. No MS at these events.

MasterCornholio1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

What I find funny is how you people are making a big deal about Sony not having a conference. Even getting to a point where you don't respect the company and its fans.

Here's what will happen. When Microsoft doesn't have a conference and Sony does expect Sony fans to strike back at full force. I warned you people so many times but you never listened.

When they get their revenge don't play the role of the victim because you brought this on to yourselves.

I really don't accept this behaviour from any group but I understand why they might want revenge in the future.

ABizzel11797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Don't even waste your words on either of them. It was the same situation with the 360 and PS3 period, 10 years later and they're still doing the same thing, these people will forever be ignorant.

OB1Biker1797d ago

Yea I read a few biased comments against Sony not having a conference and its funny I dont think they were bothered with Ms not having anything to show at Game Awards for example and they wont be bothered either with TGS and PGW, and probably in December either.

Jayszen1796d ago

ABizzel1 is right, your words are wasted on these guys. Instead of just enjoying the presence of their favorite console, they take delight in disrespecting Playstation gamers for no other reason but just because they can.

Sony fans don't even need revenge, the PS4 is doing the deed all by itself.

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